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The Chocolate Diet

The matter is that at this diet all products, except chocolate and coffee with milk are excluded. Caloric content of 1 days of this diet is about 500 kcal. And as chocolate hasalot of calories also its quantity will be very little. The caffeine containing both in chocolate, and in coffee, can seriously affect heart work, with heart diseases this diet is absolutely counter-indicative to people. However, we wouldn’t advise to be fond of it and to healthy people.

The chocolate diet lasts from 5 days about one week, depends on that how many days you can sustain. It is a monodiet, within days you can eat no more than 100 g chocolate in any kind, but without additives in the form of nutlets or raisin. It is possible to drink only coffee with milk, without sugar addition.

Jennifer Lopez’s chocolate diet

The diet lasts 5 days, in this time it is possible to dump to 6 kg. On hearings, the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez herself has thought up it as a diet, at which forces don’t decrease, and on the contrary, energy suffices on physical activities lasting many hours.

As it has been told above, the diet lasts about 5 days but at good endurance of an organism it can be finished and about one week. After the first course of a diet the second is spent not earlier than in 4-7 days. You should eat 80 g of chocolate a day and drink coffee without sugar It is possible to drink only after 3 hours after meal.

If requirement for calories to satisfy at the expense of quickly acquired carbohydrates and fats (of which chocolate consists) long feeling of saturation doesn’t arise. And it means that the person throughout all day will want to eat. Moreover, liberated as a result of the use of sweets insulin, on the one hand, raises appetite, and with another – stimulates fat adjournment.

Actually, growing thin on this diet occurs only thanks to restriction of reception of a liquid. However, notice that it is possible to limit a quantity of water even in an everyday life, as, however, and at any unloading diets. But it is very hazardous to health, if remember, our organism consists of water on 80 %!

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However, instead of a chocolate diet the chocolate day of limited intake of food, as well as rice, potato, kefiric and to that similar is quite supposed. The effect will be same but it is more pleasant for people who love candies.

Chocolate hasn’t avoided also the American actress of Hollywood Uma Turman, a star of a sensational film of Quentin Tarantino «To kill Bill». For shootings in this film the actress had to dump 10 kg of weight and she has made it thanks to sweets.

It is really surprising that today we live in the world where information quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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