The Best Way To Raise Efficiency Of A Combination Of A Diet And Fitness

The best way to raise efficiency of a combination of a diet and fitness is to make the plan of employment and not to recede from it. It is difficult, therefore it is necessary to try to make this process as much as possible pleasant or interesting. For example if you like to spend time in the street be engaged in exercises in the open air – walking, jogging, driving on a bicycle or mountain skiing instead of power exercises in the sports hall filled with training apparatus. On the other hand if you live in a megacity where uneasy to go in for sports in the street hour of aerobics per sports hall especially can become the best decision for you if you love music and to dance.

Besides it is possible to be engaged in fitness without distracting from usual employment and house duties. Many will be surprised that cleaning with a vacuum cleaner within an hour burns about 315 calories. Cleaning of leaves, snow, lifting and descent on a ladder – all these simple actions burn a large quantity of calories.

Be focused on functional fitness.
We often plan to register in an exercise room to dump weight, to make a figure more beautiful. However it is possible when you also plan to develop groups of muscles which will be useful for you in your daily life. Well for example it is possible to develop purposefully feet or to train endurance or in general.
Be engaged not only in an exercise room.
If you work only in an exercise room sooner or later you will get rid of that. Once again I advise to diversify trainings, for example it is possible to bring morning jog in the list of daily exercises on park or seacoast.

Besides register in a command of improving football, basketball, be engaged in tennis. All it will allow to transform sports into game really.

Do not forget about an extension.
It is not necessary to pay attention only to power exercises when you are going in for sports, devote a certain part of time of the trainings as well to development and maintenance of flexibility of the body. Force is of course very good but flexibility will help you to move till an old ag as well as in a youth. Besides these exercises will rescue you from such illnesses as an osteochondrosis and to that similar diseases.

Get magazine of trainings.
If you are loaded by set of various affairs it is not necessary to rely on the memory remembering how many exercises you have made and how many still it is necessary to make. The same and with increase in quantity of approaches, increase in weight of “iron” and to that of similar small problems, obligatory for any person who has solved seriously to approach to a problem of training of the body.

Get magazine of trainings (a usual writing-book) where write down all these details.

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