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The Best Results On Stability Weight Reduction

Any diet on weight reduction is not only physiological, but also psychological stress. Irritability, weakness, constant thoughts about food, exhausting pressure on strength of will…

In general, the diet appointed without taking into account health status of the concrete person, for one will pass, as the next attempt to loose weight, and for another can become the reason of an aggravation or occurrence of serious disease. And very sharp loss of weight – also a guarantee of its fast set, not including such “trifles”, as possibility of omission of kidneys and flabbiness of the drooped skin (collagen synthesis cannot keep up with rates of a weight loss, and return to initial dimensions does not guarantee return to an initial condition of a skin).

The best results on stability weight reduction gives loosing of 1-2 kg a week but then process is stretched by time for months, and we speak now not about a diet, but about manner of a food.

I wish to offer such manner of a food allowing without special tortures to normalize the weight and that the most important thing, without harm for health and mentality to remain in it as much as long. Besides aesthetic effect it has health-improving action. It is shown in vigorous state of health and good mood the whole day long, in decrease in the indispositions connected with vegetative-vascular instability. Besides, such food is reliable preventive maintenance of diabetes, an ischemic heart disease, a hypertension, a stroke, a heart attack, deforming an arthrosis, and oncology and senile dementia.

Growing thin occurs owing to decrease in caloric content of a food (restriction on simple carbohydrates (mono- and disaccharides) and fats), and also thanks to relative separateness and divisibility of a food.

If someone is not indifferent of the body listen to these facts: superfluous 5 kg increase risk of heart attacks in 3 times; superfluous 10 kg reduce your life to 8-15 years; at excess of normal weight on 15 kg and more – symptoms of the developed diseases will make your truncated life simply heavy, and even intolerable.

Getting rid of superfluous fatty weight, we improve health and we extend a life.

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Keep weight in norm. Scientists mark direct interrelation between weight and cancer diseases, and underline the important role of vegetables and fruit in maintenance of weight and decrease in risk of oncological diseases. Diabetes accompanies excess weight, as a rule. The nature has many products, which help to normalize work of a pancreas and to lower sugar level in blood. For example, earth apple is a natural source of insulin (vegetative analogue of insulin). High-calorific products where it is a lot of fats and sugar, it is better to replace with light – for example, with legumes.

Good luck!

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