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The 3 Worst Diets For Weight Loss

There are bad weight loss diets and then there are weight loss plans that are a disaster. If you aim to find the worst diets for weight loss, you should make clever options above anything else. There are also red flags to search for.

Detox Diets
Detox Diets have one common problem: they are not invented for weight loss. Detox diets were initially created to help you clean your organism, though medical specialists come to the conclusion that even that it can not be necessary if you are making healthy options every day.

Detox diet come in a number of forms.
• Some ask you to refuse from consumption of all solids and drink more juices if they are natural.

• Other detox weight loss plans suggest taking pills, hormone injections and colonics.

• Some detox diets begin with a few days of fasting, during which you should drink lots of water and sometimes lemon flavoured water or some mixes. After the first fasting period, you should follow a rigorous regime for additional days.

• Detox diets can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Miracle Supplement Weight Loss Plans
You will never find some supernatural weight loss pills. Actually, you can get only two weight loss drugs available by prescription (Xenical and Meridia), they can be used together with exercise and diet program and under strict control from a doctor because of its side effects.

However, weight loss pills promising magical results and new ones are appearing in the market often. Generally, it is not recommended taking some supplements promising you to burn fat, burn calories and block carbs.

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3-Day Diets
Any weight loss plan that is made to last for just a few days is not a good option. For healthy, permanent weight loss, you need a program that you can follow for the rest of your life. It means you need to learn how to make the right eating options, instead of depriving yourself for a short period of time just to go back to your old habits later on.

Three or seven day diets contain commonly low calorie programs that promote effective weight loss because they are extreme. They make you lose water weight. They cause fat burning process. On the opposite, they slow down your metabolic rate, so you end up losing less than you would averagely.

Weight loss plans with phases or stages can work better, though the balance is risky. Some stage diets have the first phase that is mainly a detox or fasting period. During this period you can be asked to avoid definite foods or decrease your calorie intake greatly. When it is not perfect, it will not damage you if it is just for a few days and since you are directed into a healthy weight loss plan after the first period.

If you came to the point when weight loss is a vital issue – then you should learn how to lose weight fast.

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