Thaw-chi – What Is It?

It is considered that art thaw-chi has appeared during the reign of the Chinese emperor Faugh Tszy who has ordered to hid doctor to create for the people «Great Dance», allowing to cure and prevent so numerous and incurable at that time illnesses, and also serving as initial military preparation for the Chinese soldiers. The doctor of the great emperor has tried wonderfully well, and today thaw-chi is the soft physical practice accessible to all people without dependence from their sex, age and physical preparation. Thaw-chi includes three directions: dance, techniques of conducting fight and system of the general improvement of an organism. Any of these directions are not more preferable, the system of exercises is constructed on their harmonious and equal combination. This physical discipline strengthens not only the body, but also spirit, allows to start to understand better, to feel the slightest changes in the organism, and what the most important thing, it gives the chance to the person to learn to operate his own energy. The raised working capacity, low fatigue, stability to the raised and lowered temperatures is only the little, than art Thaw-chi Chuan is capable to present the person with.

Thaw-chi for health

Complex of the exercises of thaw-chi is one of the most effective and soft kinds of physical activity. Their regular performance leads to organism improvement, mental rest, sensation of cosines and light. Carrying out exercises of thaw-chi, the person keeps away from all world problems which undermine his health, the nervous system of the person calms down, and harmony overflows all his being. Originally such condition is reached only during trainings, but then becomes usual. But except mental health, thaw-chi gives also physical health as this technique raises flexibility of a body, strengthens joints, improves coordination, strengthens cardiovascular and immune systems, supports daily vivacity and is fine preventive maintenance against an osteoporosis, and also trains in self- defense receptions. Unusual force of a thaw-chi technique is expressed already at least that, at people who are doing thaw-chi- this physical discipline -improves on 40 % the quality of muscular weight . This technique is also used for rehabilitation of patients after the serious traumas and crises. But if you have any more serious problems with health it is better to consult with the doctor.

Exercises thaw-chi

Exercises thaw-chi are very soft and pleasant, they allow to plunge into yourself and to derive strength for trainings which remain not involved in an everyday life. When doing thaw-chi, it is better to choose exercises together with the instructor as here much depends on your physiological features. But in a technique thaw-chi there are exercises which approach all and physiological requirements, and on peace of mind.

Here are the names of the exercises:

«Immersing in Chi».

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«Embrace the Moon».

«Horse mane».

Thaw-chi will present you with real harmony, it is only necessary to get used to these exercises.

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