Talking About Raising HDL Levels.

As you know some people really need to raise their good cholesterol. So to do this they often rely on medication to increase their HDL levels. Perhaps some doctors can really prescribe this but on the other hand it doesn’t mean that it’s the best approach. On the contrary there are a great number of other natural treatments available to anybody.

By the way the vast majority of prescribed medications have side effects. Certainly not everyone will undergo bad consequences but enough people will face rather unpleasant effects. So as follows from this it’s much easier to go a natural way. Keep in mind that it will take some time to cure with natural methods, perhaps it will be longer than with chemicals. But the main thing is that you won’t have any side effects and it’s really encouraging.

I should say that cranberry juice is considered to be rather pleasant and natural way to raise a good cholesterol, but certainly this can’t be enough. The matter is that you should think about a possible change of your lifestyle to meet this objective.

I advise you to add fish oil to your diet because it contains Omega 3 which is able to raise your HDL levels while reducing cholesterol. By the way your doctor can also prescribe you niacin. This substance refers to this famous vitamin B family and it is considered to be a natural way of dropping levels.

I also advise you to try avocados, peanut butter as well as olive oil because all of this can supply you with monounsaturated fats. Moreover this will increase your good cholesterol. In general this will give you an opportunity of staying healthier. These supplements can be easily added to your everyday diet. From my point of view it’s a lovely thing to have a sandwich with peanut butter for your lunch combing it with avocados and a salad with olive oil.

As I have mentioned above your lifestyle is very essential in this case. Perhaps you really intend to modify your diet but to your great regret your nasty habits can’t let you do this. So you are hopeless to adjust your HDL levels in this situation.

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Of course you should try aerobic exercise. It’s known that losing weight has a great impact on the level of cholesterol. It goes without saying that exercising is a great way to lose weight and adjust cholesterol at the same time.

By the way smokers should also think about quitting their nasty habit. Certainly I understand that it’s really difficult, but this has an extremely bad impact on smokers’ lives and on their cholesterol too. Giving up smoking will be a great step ahead for anybody in my opinion. Do your best to be healthy!

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