Taking Pleasure In The World Cup Will Improve Your Fitness

The World Cup is definitely the world’s top sporting event. There has been a lot of excitement and debate surrounding this years event. The South African team is the first host nation in 80 years to not to advance in the first round, FIFA had to evaluate one of the referee’s performance when he excluded the certain goal in the United States/Slovenia match and the French players refused to practice when their coach punished a player for comments that were said about the head coach.

Contrary to thought, especially in the United States, soccer is the world’s most admired sport (although Landon Donovan may have brought in a few more fans with a winning goal versus Algeria!). Soccer players are intense athletes who play 90 plus minutes of hysterical competition.

So what does this have to do with your fitness?

Soccer is a game of continual activity. Unlike other sports, you are moving for long periods of time without breaks. Soccer has all of the key essentials that someone would need in a workout except a single player has to exhibit the talent to do more than one thing in a single game. An individual can take a look at these workout factors and see that you too can benefit from duplicating how a soccer player plays on the field.

Interval Training: Soccer is a perfect example of what interval training can do for your body. Many of us struggle with losing weight simply because our bodies adapt to the workouts that we are doing. Interval training mixes different components in order to perplex your body and continuously challenge you therefore preventing you from the horrifying plateau.

Interval Training is easy. It combines bursts of walking and sprinting. You can incorporate this into your training by alternating cycles of walking with brief times of sprinting. Here is how to do it:

1. Warm up: You should start all of your workouts by warming up. Walk at a calm pace for 10-15 minutes so that you can get your body to a good level to start your exercise. 50% of your max is a good place to start.
2. Walk at a faster speed for 2 minutes. You can define this as 60-70% of your capability.
3. Sprint for 30 seconds as hard as you can. Don’t hold back! Go 100%
4. Walk for 1 minute 30 seconds at 60-70% of your potential.
5. Sprint for 30 seconds at 100%.
6. Repeat this guide for 8-10 times going from walking to sprinting.
7. Cool down: When you have finished all 8-10 sets, walk at a 50% rate or even slower for 5 minutes. This will lessen the chances of injuries and let your body to cool down naturally to a natural condition.
8. Stretch for 15 minutes.

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This is accomplished best on a treadmill where you can control your pace but you don’t need one to perform this. If you can’t run, you can also perform this by changing the incline of the treadmill:

1. Warm up 10-15 minutes
2. Walk at a speed that is your best possible weight loss zone which is about 60-70%.
3. Increase the treadmill to the greatest incline possible for 30 seconds.
4. Reduce the treadmill to where you began and walk for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
5. elevate treadmill to the highest incline possible for 30 seconds.
6. Repeat this pattern for 8-10 times going from standard to the maximum incline.
7. Cool down: When you are done with 8-10 sets, walk at a 50% speed or even slower for 5 minutes. This will prevent injuries and permit your body to cool down naturally to a normal condition.
8. Stretch for 15 minutes.

What you want to do when interval training is continuously try to be imaginitave. Interval training is good to do once or twice a week to change up your workout. You can also look at interval training as doing one plan one day and another routine the next. Tuesday may be weight training, Thursday could be yoga and Saturday could be interval training on the treadmill. Mix up your workouts and instead of scoring goals you can be reaching them!

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