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Fitness Or Sex: We Combine Business With Pleasure

Sex and fitness are concepts of something relatives and to some extent closely connected. Meticulous scientists do not try to find out first ten years how physical activities influence the modern person living in an atmosphere of constant works involving all hands-on work, “dirty” environment and an improper feeding. By practical consideration, they have establishedContinue Reading “Fitness Or Sex: We Combine Business With Pleasure”


Success In Fitness

The success in fitness depends on set of factors which vary depending on the person. Everyone has ways to support high level of motivation for playing sports but there are some factors which are the general for the majority of people. Read their list below and it will help you to support the motivation atContinue Reading “Success In Fitness”


Sleepy Fitness – We Struggle With A Sleeplessness

Problems with a dream are familiar to the majority of modern people. If you are disturbed by a sleeplessness, try to be engaged in special “sleepy” gymnastics. For this purpose well aired room, convenient house clothes and time half an hour will be necessary for you. Employment passes in a dark room under slow andContinue Reading “Sleepy Fitness – We Struggle With A Sleeplessness”


About The Benefits Of The Running.

My vital credo is either to run or to lie. With to “lie” all is clear – whatever you may say it is pleasant, sometimes to indulge and pamper the precious organism. But now on this theme we not begin to extend and we will talk about other my favourite pastime – about run. IContinue Reading “About The Benefits Of The Running.”


How To Choose A Fitness Direction?

Each of us though time in a life was necessary to face to a choice: Where to go and in what kind of sport to be engaged? With the advent of huge number of fitness club, and also fitness directions to choose the most suitable variant for yourself became even more difficult. There are someContinue Reading “How To Choose A Fitness Direction?”