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Summer Vitamins Do The Wonders To Your Figure. And You Have A Chance To Learn About It More!

Summer vitamins do the wonders to your figure. And you have a chance to learn about it more!

Berry mix:

In summer months starvations are very strictly forbidden: plentiful sweating in hot weather leads to deficiency of many mineral substances with which it is necessary to fill continuously. That is why a basis of a classical summer diet is fruit and berries. On a berry diet it is necessary to “sit” no more than month as in this time the organism will lose 2-4 kilograms. Thus the daily quantity of absorbed calories should make not less than 1000-1100 kcal.

Multi fruit diet is an effective, cheap and useful way to get rid of superfluous kilograms. It promotes organism clarification, weight dump, a rejuvenation of a skin and improvement of work of vascular system. Especially such diets are recommended to the people who are suffering with gastritis and diabetes.

Strawberries is a traditional summer berry and it is very beneficial for your health to make «the summer breakfast» consists of fruit or berries, green tea or a glass of mineral water. For the second breakfast (lunch) it is possible to drink a glass of fruit juice, the small piece of boiled meat with a low-calorie garnish like rice or prepared on steam vegetables during the lunchtime is authorized. The mid-morning snack includes only fruits and before you go to sleep it is possible to drink a glass of kefir.

According to dieticians a fivefold diet on the basis of fruits is an ideal variant of the balanced food. Food intakes are in regular intervals distributed within the whole day and the organism receives a maximum of useful substances necessary for its normal functioning; these are such substances as microcells, vitamins, fibers and carbohydrates.

Vegetable diets: In this sense strictly vegetable diets almost completely excluding carbohydrates are considered as more rigid. That in an organism carbohydrate deficiency has not developed it is necessary to eat for a breakfast a plate of cereals which should be presoaked since evening in cold water in the ratio 1:3. In cereals it is possible to add some honey or berries just to make it more nutritious and tasty. Fruit in this diet is replaced with crude vegetables and as “unloading” vegetable days need to be alternated with fruit on the contrary.

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The important part of a summer diet is made by drinks. In hot days we drink more often and together with a liquid in our organism the large quantity of calories arrives. From sweet lemonades and aerated water dieticians insistently advise to refuse from it having replaced it with fresh made juice. But half of all liquid absorbed within days should have mineral water, but mineral water should not contain bubbles.

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