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Summer Diet For You

The summer diet doesn’t mean application only during the summer period, it can be used within a year. Simply fresh vegetables and fruit on which consumption the summer diet is based in the summer are accessible. It would be fine during a diet to use vegetables and the fruit which has been grown up on own garden site as in this case, you will be assured of their freshness and safety.

The summer diet lasts seven days, it is one of the most useful and tasty diets. During this diet, every day you should eat only one kind of products, alternation of days should be observed strictly.

The summer diet begins since vegetable day. Within the first day it is possible to use any vegetables in unlimited quantity. It will be better if there are vegetables crude but at desire it is possible to boil them. You should still to drink mineral water.

In the second day of a summer diet it is possible to eat only fruit. Try to choose fruit with the low maintenance of sugar, except bananas. Most of it is possible to eat all fruit during the lunchtime. At a hunger strong feeling, during the day, it is authorized to drink a kefir glass. Drink still mineral water.

In the third day the diet should consist exclusively of berries. Eat any berries which can be found during this period. Using berries, show care and endurance –a considerable quantity of berries can cause problems with digestion.

The fourth day is sour-milk. Drink any sour-milk drinks. It is necessary to drink so much, there will be no yet an easy feeling of saturation. At strong hunger the use of a small amount of cottage cheese is supposed. Thanks to this day you will adjust work of a gastroenteric path, will sate intestines microflora with useful bacteria, will raise immunity.

The fifth day is vegetable. This day it is necessary to eat the same as in the first day of a diet. It is desirable to stop the choice on vegetables with which you didn’t eat. Thus, your organism will receive wider assortment of vitamins.

For the sixth day eat only berries. Before a dream drink a kefir glass.

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The seventh day is juice. During the day you should drink only one juice. In advance choose from what fruit you will use juice. It is better to make a choice between apple, orange and grape. Juice should be fresh and be drunk in a current of 15 minutes after preparation.

After the lapse of last day you will miss a summer diet four kg. To improve complexion it will be tightened and the skin will look younger, hypostases will leave.

Such diet is recommended not more often than once in a month. Usually it uses to improve the body form before a beach season or after passive rest during which quickly runs excess weight.

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