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Sugar And Sweet Addiction

Certainly, not all fans of sweet get to direct dependence on it as not all who tries alcohol become alcoholics. But why it occurs basically? It is other already fermental history. When we put in a mouth something sweet, pleasant on taste our liver too instantly reacts. It develops enzyme with the difficult name triptophandioxygenez which in an organism manages distribution system between a brain and all systems of an organism (so to say – the chief manager).

From the blood carrying in the structure of substance from split nutrition a tryptophan chooses amino acids and it is bridged to them, forming a serotonin – a so-called hormone of pleasure. The more of it gets to a brain the person receives larger pleasure from nutrition. He endures pleasure, euphoria, gentle sensations.

At congenital predisposition to “sweet dependence” the person eats sweets each time more and more that has a bad influence on digestive organs. And if there isn’t present possibility to have a bite of something sweet (a chocolate slice, a candy or cookies), the person comes to a condition of something similar to narcotic withdrawal pains. Thus becomes gloomy and irritable.

One more culinary achievement of a civilization – fats for a batch of type of margarine and vegetative so-called trans-fats. On the structure they are light with the minimum percent of fat content. Dough with them turns out air and bakes well. But this fact also makes a huge problem not only for carbohydrate, but also for a fatty metabolism in our organism. After all to an organism you will not tell that for it the special approach to the product is necessary: it perceives these trans-fats as pure lipids which exist in the nature (in integral butter, for example), instead of as chemical. Therefore safely takes their components on restoration of structure of cells, in particular covers.

As a result the cellular cover of organs consisting of a lipide skeleton doesn’t answer that formula which should be at the healthy person. Through it viruses easily get into cells and bacteria. The organism loses ability to resist to infections, loses cellular immunity. And it is a principal cause of dysbacterioses which arise very quickly after consuming it. Conditional-pathogenic flora gets also effected provoking an intestinal colitis, candidiases, dermal rashes and many other things, fine and serious troubles.

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Today dietarians explain such concept as an index of sweet- blood. In some European countries this index specify on packing along with caloric content of a product. As the glucose is responsible for feeling of hunger and saturation, the competent buyer in shop can define on how quickly the feeling of hunger will come again after he or she eats this product. The above is this index the more powerfully glucose stream in a blood and that faster person will get hungry after meal.

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