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Stretching Is As A Good Way To Be In A Great Shape.

It is pleasant to feel your body looking fit, flexible, devoid of stiffness and pain in the muscles. A great joy gives a feeling of relaxation, tranquility, harmony with the world. Stretching helps to achieve such a state. This exercise is very popular in our time.

The main tasks stretching are slow, gradual stretching and gradual strengthening of the muscles of the body. In this way the muscle fibers become more flexible, better supplied with blood and nutrients. It means that you provide a favorable environment for the growth of muscle tissue, which replaces fat stores. In addition stretching helps to achieve flexibility, freedom of movement, minimizes the risk of injury to muscles during exercise and ensure the progressive correction of posture. Another important effect is to substantially improve lymph flow, which positively affects the operation of the organism as a whole and helps to combat cellulite sediments, in particular.

In order to obtain useful results from the stretch, they need to be performed on a regular basis – for example, the initial and final stage of each aerobic exercise (jogging, cycling, and walking on the step platform and so on). And before the exercise it is best to use dynamic stretching, which involves a consistent stretching of the muscles of each body part until you sense a little strain. And there should not be too zealous, trying to compete with gymnasts because muscles were still “asleep” and wait for warm-up exercises. And on the finishing workout you can try to stretch a little more active, but avoiding pain in the muscles. For effective internal muscles stretching the hips and back, you can resort to outside assistance, so-called passive stretching, where the partner helps you to make a banner, necessarily smooth, springy movements.

Stretching is useful in itself as well. It can be used as a morning workout. It is useful static stretching, which requires a stay in each position for about a minute that makes possible to feel the muscles work. These simple exercises of stretching need a lot of force, but you’ll be cheered for the whole day. In addition, this exercise makes it easier to run metabolic processes in the body, improves intestinal function in a beneficial effect on overall health. It is also important and “incidental” effect of morning stretching. Toning muscles leads to relaxation of consciousness, which helps improve the mood of even in the hardest day. In addition, a sense of tremendous, flexibility of your body adjusts to positive thinking, helps to feel confident and attractive. But these emotions are the key to respect for the self-image and shape, so for the whole day it will be easier to control the amount eaten.

Other benefits of stretching are its simplicity and accessibility – in order to succeed in stretching, you do not need to purchase special equipment or gear, as well as find time to hike to the gym. However, one must remember the golden rule: do all the movement in a state of muscle relaxation, breathing evenly, stretching all the muscles in the complex and the most important is to do stretching exercises regularly, because their implementation from time to time will not bring tangible benefits.

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So stretching does not only guarantee perfect posture and smooth movements, but also another way to keep in shape for those who care about their own appearance and spiritual harmony.

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