Strategy And Tactics Of Harmonous Feet.

Feet ideal by nature is the phenomenon rare even among stars.

In most cases graceful forms is a result of serious and competently planned efforts.

Well, we will start business!

The given exercises do not exclude the cores for feet, and supplement them.

We strengthen and give a relief.

Object: thin, slightly “languid” feet.

Problem: to improve the form of feet having made their more relief and tightened.

Means: power trainings. Your purpose is to pump up muscles, therefore employment in an exercise room should become the main point of your program of trainings. Aerobics and dances are auxiliary actions.

The program: 2-3 times in a week of employment in an exercise room with a stress on exercises for muscles of feet. The approximate scheme: 3 approaches till 12-15 time with gradual increase in weight. It will help to increase muscles faster. Besides, to reach an object in view more likely the certain power supply circuit will help: for example, after an hour after training it is necessary to eat an easy albuminous dish – an omelette, fish. Once a week for improvement of the general form of feet dances or a slide are obligatory aquaaerobics.

Exercise on “a fast hand”: liftings on socks. Rise directly, feet are on width of shoulders, a stomach and buttocks are tightened. Rise on socks straining knees and a foot and being as though extended upwards, be late on pair seconds and fall downwards. Repeat 15 times. Alternate performance of liftings to different position of feet: in parallel each other, socks inside, socks outside.

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We achieve grace.

Object: the massive feet inclined to completeness.

Problem: to reduce volumes of hips and shins, having made a silhouette of feet easier and graceful.

Means: shaping or power trainings in a combination to aerobics or modern dances. Your purpose is to strengthen muscles “without pumping over” them, and to get rid of a superfluous fatty layer standing. Therefore you accept”power exercises with moderate loading directed on fat burning.
The program: 2-3 times in a week of employment by shaping or in an exercise room. The approximate scheme of employment in an exercise room: 3 approaches till 15-20 time with small or average burdening. With the big weight to you to work it is counter-indicative: feet can become even thicker! Power trainings combine with a bicycle, stepper or a racetrack. Once a week it is useful to descend in pool or to switch on in the program of trainings employment by aerobics or dances. Carefully observe a diet in days of trainings: limit consumption of fibers and do not eat within three hours after training.

Exercise on “a fast hand”: knee-bends. Put feet for width of shoulders, slightly dissolve socks and squat, compressing knees and straining buttocks. Do during the day on 5-7 approaches. This exercise well copes with “riding breeches”.

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