Weight Loss

Spring Growing Thin

The principal causes of obesity.
Many consider that the obesity reason is superfluous consumption of food conducting a sedentary life and neglect to physical activities. Actually, all aforesaid is only iceberg top.

Frequently, completeness is shown owing to function infringement of the major department of the brain, the lowered secretion thyroid and glands, and as adrenal glands.

In increase of weight of a body result rare food intakes, especially at people who are inclined to obesity. The statistics says that 40-50 % of people have hereditary predisposition to completeness. As a rule, if one of parents has excess weight the probability of a birth of the corpulent child reaches 40 % and if both parents suffer of obesity – 80 %.

The requirement for such products increases: bakery products, sugar, a potato, etc. The bigger is the superfluous weight of a body the bigger is given preference to fat and sweet food.

Spring growing thin can be more pleasant. In a current of winter we become passive and we type excess weight, this process prevents body overcooling. To the termination of winter this protective function ceases to operate.

To correct a current situation is possible by means of a good and correct diet. Small reduction of a day diet can have negative influence on mental and physical state of health as in a cold season the organism has deficiency of nutrients and vitamins in the winter. Therefore, in the beginning of spring the diet hasn’t brought superfluous efforts, it is necessary to do all strictly by rules. To change a diet is necessary gradually, without sharp refusal of meal as starvation doesn’t go on advantage. To accept food better more often, but small portions, than once and in a considerable quantity.

The healthy approach to a food guarantees easy feeling of hunger with which it is necessary to rise because of a table. It is necessary to exclude tinned products from a diet with the salt and soda maintenance, preservatives as they stimulate completeness, keeping a moisture in an organism. It is necessary not to be overzealous also with salt as it disturbs to a conclusion of slags from an organism.

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If you have resolved to achieve weight reduction necessarily include in the diet soup. With its help it is possible to spend a stomach, at the expense of a water considerable quantity, and also it contains easily acquired fiber. In a consequence you will eat much a smaller portion of the second dish. The soup welded on a stone will be ideal soup.

Despite this, second dish nevertheless should be low-calorie. It is recommended to replace some supplementing components, for example, usual mayonnaise on easy, sauce on kefir, with vegetable oil to replace fat, and also to use skim milk, sour cream and cottage cheese. It is possible to add in spice food as they strengthen development of gastric juice, thereby, making active a metabolism.

It is really surprising that nowadays we are living in the world where knowledge quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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