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Sports And A Food. A Diet At Playing Sports

Having dared to be engaged in any sport many women and men forget about bases of eutrophy ideal for trainings. The majority of people go on a rigid diet. Others coming home after training eat half of contained refrigerator. Both the first and second approaches in a root are incorrect. Sports and a food are inseparable things. The basis of your health and possibility to continue training is correctly constructed food.
Why during playing sports the eutrophy is important?
Many charming ladies at employment by fitness, aerobics or any sport the question interests: «Why one playing sports without the balanced eutrophy doesn’t bring desirable result?». All the matter is that on trainings carbohydrates and fiber are necessary for an organism that muscles could transform them into energy. Besides calcium and also vitamins and microcells is necessary for an organism. If you overeat that of effect from trainings won’t notice and if the organism doesn’t receive energy for work it begins to take away it from an organism. All bodies as a result will suffer: a brain, muscles including the greatest muscle of our body – heart.

In given article we won’t speak about how it is necessary to eat to the people who are going in for sports professionally. It is absolutely separate theme, and experts should develop for sportsmen a diet. We will talk about some rules which should observe the girls decided to shape up preferring to every possible diets and clarifications of training for women.

Diet at playing sports
So, if you have decided to work fitness, run, swimming, driving on a bicycle and to that similar it is necessary for you to keep to a diet so take to choose to yourself for a rule the products which have undergone to the least processing. The matter is that the processed products possess the smallest nutritional value for an organism. Besides, the chemical additives entering into the majority of products slow down a metabolism. Therefore lean on fresh products in which it is a lot of vitamins and microcells.
Before training never ignore food intake. You should charge muscles energy that they didn’t extend it from your body. Three hours prior to training stop consumption of albuminous food. And two hours prior to training eat difficult carbohydrates which will have time to turn to so necessary energy for employment. It can be muesli for example. If you hadn’t time to attempt two hours prior to training consumption of fast carbohydrates such as juice, sweet tea, a chocolate is authorized. However don’t abuse this way. It approaches only as an emergency measure.

After training fill a liquid stock in an organism. Drink mineral still water, green tea without sugar or the simple cleared water. It is not necessary to drink sweet tea or coffee.

If you want to pump up muscles of the body within twenty minutes after employment drink an albuminous cocktail. It is possible to prepare it independently or to get in a drugstore.

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