Sources Of Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is commercially known as amygdalin or Laetrile. Amygdalin may be a compound that belongs to cyanogenic glycosides. It was isolated for the primary time by Pierre-Jean Robiquet and A.F. Boutron-Charlard in 1803, from the seeds of bitter almond (scientific name Prunus dulcis). Following its discovery, subsequent studies have been dispensed regarding its medicinal importance. Though, amygdalin is not a vitamin, Ernst T. Krebs (a biochemist), promoted it as Vitamin B17. Vitamin B17, in its purified type, is named Laetrile (laevomandelonitrile) and is run for the treatment of cancer.

Vitamin B17: Health Advantages

Many researchers have claimed that vitamin B17 has bound medicinal properties and will be used for the treatment of cancer. It’s the cyanide present in vitamin B17 that destroys the cancer cells. Thus, per them, amygdalin not solely prevents the onset of cancer, however also helps in its regression. For cancer treatment, Laetrile pills are administered orally or through intravenous injections. Consuming foods made in vitamin B17 helps in fighting cancer. Another health benefits of vitamin B17 embody: it helps in reducing pain associated with arthritis and additionally, in lowering high blood pressure.

Vitamin B17: Sources

Vitamin B17 is gift in an exceedingly higher concentration in bitter almond and apricot seeds. Studies have shown that it is conjointly gift in most species of the genus Prunus. Following may be a list of foods that contains vitamin B17:

* Alfalfa sprouts
* Apple seeds
* Bamboo shoots
* Blackberries
* Raspberries
* Buckwheat
* Millet and millet seeds
* Barley
* Brown rice
* Cashew nuts
* Cassava
* Peach kernels
* Plum kernels
* Pecans
* Quince
* Sorghum cane syrup

Since there are heap of controversies relating to the health benefits of vitamin B17 supplements; to be on the safer facet, you can include foods rich in vitamin B17 in your diet.

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Vitamin B17: Controversy

Within the book ‘World While not Cancer’, the author G. Edward Griffin strongly suggested the use of vitamin B17 for cancer treatment. Though several scientists proclaim the potential benefits of vitamin B17 as treatment for cancer; it’s shown very little or no anticancer effects in clinical trial and laboratory studies.

Usage of Laetrile isn’t approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes of Health. Within the United States, prescription of vitamin B17 to cancer patients is unlawful. Cochrane Collaboration (a cluster of scientists and researchers from over 90 countries, who scrutinize health connected inventions) Review of 2006, mentioned that Laetrile anticancer effects were not effective in controlled clinical trials and more studies needed to be finished proper assessment.

A word of caution relating to using vitamin B17: when consumed orally, it will cause lethal toxicity. Once within the human body, vitamin B17 releases cyanide, which is a potential hazard. The enzyme, beta-glucosidase (needed for catalysis of cyanide), is present in the little intestine of humans and several food items. Beta-glucosidase, then catalyzes the cyanide and causes cyanide poisoning. A number of the symptoms of vitamin B17 toxicity are headache, weakness, dizziness and typically low blood pressure. Therefore, it’s perpetually suggested to consult and look for the advice of a professional health practitioner regarding its dosage and potential professionals and cons, before taking amygdalin or Laetrile.

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