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So let us start now…

Sports and sex – are they interchangeable? How to lose weight by means of smells? Whether it is possible to eat fat nutrition, without being afraid to gain superfluous kgs? How mint and a backpack can help you to lose weight? Answers to all these questions, and also other helpful information, you will find in our new review of losing weight news.

About sports and sex let us say a word …

Conversations on, whether it is possible to replace physical training with sex is discussed not the first year. Some assure that it is possible – and prove it on a personal example. Others argue that it is impossible, as sex only aggravates appetite and after the next portion of love caresses is insuperable pulls to refrigeration. And scientists from Germany have brought the mite in research of a problem. Experts from Heidelberg have aimed to find out, what pose during sex allows to spend the maximum quantity of energy.

Having spent a series of experiments, they have found out that this pose is standing. When both partners are in vertical position, is burned most of all calories. So, the women who were taking part in experiment have dumped from 3 to 5 kg of all for two weeks of research. Thus their food allowance remained former.

The organism can hate what you adore…..

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Recently the scientists have found out why from the same products one people get fat and others stay harmonious. It appears, certain kinds of nutrition, and also some medicines can simply not be transferred by an organism. It also affects body mass not in the best way. As a result all attempts to lose weight appear vain, and the person can lose hope to correct disadvantages of the appearance.

The matter is that in a concrete organism hyper sensibility to alimentary additives or shortage of digestive enzymes can be observed. Among products which most likely cause intolerance – eggs, milk and other sour-milk products, a soya, nuts and corn. Besides a gastric disturbance because of reception of these products at separate people problems with deducing of a liquid from an organism can begin. Therefore if you without results try to lose weight, check up the shipping of these products and if it is necessary exclude from a ration “the malicious enemy”.

Medicinal preparations can be one more reason of excess weight. The greatest risk is carried in themselves by antidepressants, oral contraceptives and also steroids. As to contraceptives in this case the problem dares easier – it is necessary to pass simply to agents with lower dose of a hormone and it will be totaly okay, believe me, so you won’t worry of anything any more.

It is absolutely realistic to become slim. Those who are searching for how to do that, should consider HCG. No doubt there is a number of ways to reach the goal but if you require a natural one, look through HCG diet. This and lots of other related info on HCG can be found on this HCG site.

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