Some Words About Fitness Trainer

The trainer of fitness is a porter of new thinking

The leading place in industry of fitness belongs to the instructor. Satisfaction of the client directly depends on its professional readiness, and, hence success and club incomes. It is possible to ask a question – what the client expects from the personal trainer? More often people answer this question so: “Abilities to achieve good results and the physical form”.
Good instructors are focused on the extensive professional knowledge, they want to explain to the engaged person not only an essence of trainings but also principles of functioning of a human body in the course of loadings and restoration after them.

The personal trainer should be some kind of “the personal doctor” to the client, is obliged to know not only its specific features, tastes, habits, material possibilities, but to be the authorised representative and the psychologist. The diploma about sports education is a minimum level necessary for work by the personal trainer. Besides the diploma, the person should possess, first of all, not only a broad outlook and talent of the teacher, but also personal human charm.
Despite understanding of advantage of fitness, it is necessary for people to do huge efforts for achievement of the fitness purposes and support of the reached level. Sometimes the problem consists in a lack of knowledge of effective healthy habits, in other cases people require the help at change of their way of life and refusal of unhealthy models of behaviour. Employment by fitness means thinking expansion, development of its flexibility. That people wish to receive from trainings result of a coordination and conformity of characteristics of a body to active communications between mind and a body.

The basic difference of fitness, for example, from the gymnast, consists that the person coming to expensive club wishes to be healthy not only physically but also spiritually. It demands revision of many views, habits that as a whole will lead the person to new system of thinking. For example, for achievement of good results it is necessary to reconsider a food. The healthy, balanced diet leads to strengthening of heart, cardiovascular system, reduction of fatty adjournment, muscles strengthening, strengthening of a bone fabric, and the main thing allows to fix effect from trainings doing its visible. But if the person understands importance of a healthy food, and thus will not do though what or steps to performance of instructions of the trainer – there will be no result. Hence, the important function of the trainer consists in helping to dismantle old installations and models of behaviour engaged and then to support it in the new models corresponding to new purposes.

To be in good shape means also presence of the healthy relation to a life and a confident vital position. All these components of fitness should hang together, that providing satisfaction of requirements of the client. The central role to be taken away to the trainer who, provides support, the help, motivates, inspires, specifies ways to achievement of a healthy way of life.

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