Some Ways To Preserve Food.

Hi. I hope you’ve read my articles about ways to preserve food. I think that it’s very essential to know how it’s preserved if you want to be healthy. Now I’d like to go on.

So food can be preserved with the help of temperature. You can expose your food to heat for certain periods of time. It will reduce the number of bacteria and kill all the microbes which could reside in your food. Of course you know thus UHT milk. I mean ultra high temperature milk which undergoes pasteurization being heated to 160 degrees. In such a way bacteria and microbes are killed. Certainly you can open a carton of this pasteurized milk and place it in the refrigerator. In this cold environment any bacteria survived in the pasteurization process won’t be able to reproduce more bacteria. As you can see freezing is also a very popular way of preserving food. For example you can freeze a leg of lamb and it will be fresh for twelve months.

By the way there’s such a way as irradiation. It’s a very specific way to preserve food. The essence of it is to expose food to gamma radiation electron beams. I should say that these high energy beams are considered to be much stronger than X-rays. Perhaps you are likely to think that gamma rays refer to sci-fi but they are real and they are widely used. They can kill living cells in any food. So the shelf life is increased in such a way.

They destroy bacteria as well as insects in fruits, vegetables and certainly wheat. It slows down various natural processes of spoiling foods so your fruits and your potatoes will “survive” much longer with gamma rays. By the way this method can divert diseases caused by certain micro organisms.

For the last time with advent of this so called “organic movement” you can have an excellent opportunity to buy fruits and vegetables which haven’t undergone any treatments mentioned above. I should say that it’s a preferred choice for a great number of people currently. But be ready that your foods will spoil sooner. But from my point of view it’s quite a reasonable price for natural foods.

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In general in this epoch we are lucky to live in we have the luxury to choose foods we like. Perhaps not so long ago this choice was unreal. But now we have this organic movement to our great luck. But at the same time we should take in to consideration that food processing can enhance the value of our foods such as flavor and so on. So perhaps we needn’t refusing of these opportunities to process foods. But as for me I prefer non processed foods of course.

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