Some Unsafe Exercises In Fitness

Unbending feet from position sitting.
This is very popular exercise on muscles of a forward part of a hip (the four-head of a muscle). A problem is that this exercise creates serious risks of a trauma of knees. The knee is not adapted for similar work when at a raising of weights from such position all resistance concentrates on anklebones. If you have any problems with knees, or during exercises you use too big loadings you can easily face serious troubles.
Alternative variant is simple knee-bends and attacks, with loading or without, it will involve muscles of hips much more naturally, and, accordingly, more safely and more effectively. If you wish to add the training by other exercises (for example, for the purpose of working out of necessary force of muscles for game in football, basketball or volleyball), try to take special exercises. If you do not have not enough force of muscles of feet to do knee-bends and attacks it is better to begin with simple knee-bends on a ball or “mini” attacks where you squat only partially and gradually increase a movement range.

Working out of an internal and external part of a hip on training apparatus.

In the majority of sports halls these training apparatus are popular enough. Both kinds of training apparatus assume that on them sit down, bending knees before yourself. The training apparatus for muscle reductions is intended for muscles of an internal surface of a hip, and the training apparatus for muscle assignments is aimed at working out of external muscles of a hip. A problem is use of internal and external muscles of a hip for a weight raising when you are in a sitting position, creates risk of an overload of these concerning small muscles and also muscles of the bottom part of a back and hips. Besides, your internal and external muscles of a hip are intended for support during movement, but in any way for heavy loadings on a training apparatus.

Alternative variant is safe way of working out of these muscles are exercises with use of own weight of a body, for example, hip reduction-assignment in a standing position, exercises of pilates or similar movements with resistance with use of an elastic tape. Always begin with that weight with which you can consult and then gradually add resistance.
Draught. In this exercise you hold a dumbbell/bar/weight in the centre in a position standing, hands are closed to each other. Then you lift hands to a chin. A problem: draught standing is considered enough dangerous because of risk of compression of nerves in the field of shoulders.

Alternative variant is instead of carrying out this exercise from a standing position try to carry out draughts in an inclination being bent forward on 90 degrees in a hip keeping weight under shoulders, hands are a bit wider than shoulders. Then lift weight upwards to a breast while elbows and shoulders will not appear on one straight line. You also can try exercises on forward or lateral lifting of shoulders using reasonable weight. In this case you should not deviate or use inertia.

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