Weight Loss

Some Principles To Normalize Your Weight

I want to advise you some principles to normalize your weight. You should follow them for 3-5 weeks. This time is necessary for psychological adaptation and getting of concrete results (and they will appear already on first week). Look, as quality of your life will raise and then decide yourself.
After achievement of normal weight you will be able to allow yourself some changes into your food. They are desirable for beginning with increase in a share of fruit in first half of day.
I make the recommendations justified by my long-term operational experience on correction of a figure.

Don’t admit feeling of hunger.
Between three basic food intakes do little snacks. A fractional food provides stability of glucose level in blood that is very important, both for a normal exchange, and for good, vigorous state of health. Besides, absence of feeling of hunger allows not overeating.
For one and a half – two hours till a dinner eat an apple of unsweetened green grades.
Between a dinner and a supper also have a bite, but no more fruit. It can be the cucumber, carrots, a tomato (any vegetable), small slice of meat, fish, cottage cheese, egg or a bread slice.

Portions should be moderated and be eaten slowly.
The moderation in meal is dictated by the purpose – growing thin. At low-glycemic carbohydrate breakfast and observance of a food divisibility voracious appetite leaves, and it becomes easier to supervise quantity of eaten.
Slowness is understood as a careful chewing of food. At the expense of it, first, the food is as much as possible crushed and already in a mouth starts to be split by saliva enzymes that are to be digested. As a result its further processing and digestion occurs without excessive power inputs, and working capacity after meal does not decrease. Secondly, at slow meal the sense of fullness arises sooner – nutrients have time to get to blood and to “calm” the hunger center. And, thirdly, you start to perceive shades of tastes, than find ability to enjoy the simplest dish.

You should avoid alcohol.
It is a question not of harm of drunkenness and, of course, not about its advantage. All matter is in very high caloric content of alcohol and that, getting to an organism, it blocks splitting of own fats. Besides, it sharply increases absorbability of food in intestines.
It is possible to tell that alcohol is the third, after sweet and fat, but not less dangerous enemy of reasonably growing thin person. And the daily glass of wine matters.

You shouldn’t eat after 7 p.m.
It is quite obvious that if calories are consumed, but not spent, they are inevitably postponed in the form of fat. It is the way of accumulation developed by evolution and energy storages, and we can’t ignore it.
Therefore the protein supper eaten in time, will provide to you satiety within evening, will not bring troubles with a dream and will reduce fat stocks, and for who does not have appetite in the mornings – will promote its occurrence.

Good luck!

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