Some Facts About Fitness

Fitness is not only sport but also eutrophy system. If you choose at least one of ways offered by us to perfection you can become more harmonous without tortures and starvation.

Do you consider that to get rid from superfluous kgs once and for all is possible only having made something radical? This is error. Small changes in a style of life will lead you to appreciable results. It is possible to spend years for trying all diets of the world but it is easier to understand: to dump weight is necessary without special sufferings. The main thing is to refuse desire to grow thin right now. It is possible to grow thin gradually, day after day changing the habits.
To clean one kg of fat, it is necessary to create deficiency in 7000 kcal. By means of simple receptions you begin to consume daily on 250–500 kcal less than usually and will manage to reduce for couple of weeks the weight by 1 kg, and for a year — on 15–25 kg.
Besides it is necessary to use advices what to do about “celebratory” 2–3 kg while they had not time to locate in your body strongly yet.

If you reduce power value of your daily menu by 60–100 kcal, for 2 months the weight will decrease on 0,5 kg. The more religiously you follow principles of parting with excess weight the more kgs will dump, even if other habits remain invariable. Avoid burgers. Try a stake from fast beef, it is better to havereserved it at restaurant or have prepared independently. Thus you receive 400 kcal instead of 500.

Weight loss is 3–8 kg.
Replace ice-cream {350 500 kcal} with berries with cream. Mix 1 glass of the fresh or frozen cherries without stones about 1/4 glasses of whipped cream and you will have a dessert containing only 140 kcal.
Weight loss is 1,5–8 kg.
Buy a correct pizza. Instead of reserving a ready pizza on the house {as a rule, it differs special fat content and caloric content: in 2 pieces — 720 kcal}, put in a deep-freezer some pizzas-half-finished products with the low maintenance of fat { there are no more than 600 kcal and 10–15 gramme fat in 1 whole pizza }.
Weight loss is 1,5–3 kg.

Drink water. Drinking at supper or a dinner a glass of simple water with ice and a lemon instead of aerated water, compote or alcoholic drinks, you will grow thin easily and without problems. Besides, every time when you hunger, eat the products sated with water, for example vegetables and fruit.
Weight loss is 3,5–7,5 kg.
It is necessary to create deficiency in 100–200 kcal a day. It will not seem to you difficult.

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