Some Exercises For Sexy Figure

The basic source of excitements for many women is the tummy. To transform it, on the contrary, in a pride subject, is necessary to work a little. Special exercises will help with it, and in 4 weeks you will achieve the wished result.

So, lay down on a back having clasped behind a head a steady subject. Clamp knees a ball or the big heavy book. Bend feet so that anklebones were in parallel a floor. Straining press muscles, tighten knees to a breast (it is desirable to do it without jerk) and caving in a waist tear off buttocks on some centimetres from a floor. Be in such position having counted to three and slowly lower a basin on a floor. It is desirable to carry out this exercise 4 times a week in 3 approaches on 15 times. Rest between approaches should be 30 seconds. By the way, here it would be desirable to remind that coming back in a starting position try not to curve a back and not to lower a foot – so you will avoid superfluous loading on a waist.
On a beach (if you are not confused with sights of associates) you can do exercises on a stretching of muscles of a thorax. Being straightened, as a string, you will develop muscles which are responsible for a direct bearing. For this purpose rise, feet should be on width of shoulders, and knees are slightly bent. Close hands in the lock over a head and be pulled upwards as soon as can. Keeping this pose, bend to the right, hands should remain over a head. You will feel how muscles of the left side were stretched. Repeat the same on the other hand.

Going to the beach you for certain grasp with yourself a small bottle (and it is better two – in each hand on a bottle) mineral water. They will be useful to you for following exercises. If you wish to strengthen a waist you should rise directly, put feet for width of shoulders and slightly bend in knees. Now bend forward a little without straightening a back and lower hands with water bottles downwards. Then straighten a back, straining lumbar muscles, thus tighten hands to level of hips. It is necessary to do this exercise some times.

If you dream to strengthen a back then lower hands with bottles downwards they should be in parallel the earth. Thus take away shoulders back. Then bend hands that elbows have been directed to the parties and bottles were at breast level. Now dissolve hands in the parties and lift bottles over a head. For better effect do the same once again. Such easy power exercises will be very effective for maintenance of the form and flexibility of a body and the award for the spent calories will not keep waiting.

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