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Some Advices About Loosing Weight And Make Your Health Better

I want to give you some advices about loosing weight and make your health better.
Drink should be optimum: 1,3-2 liters (not aerated and not sweet!).
Deducing from an organism of products of its exchange – a condition of not simply good state of health, and a life of this organism in general. If you do not have during the day active physical activity, drink at least 1,3-1,6 liters of a liquid (including teas, soups).
If you periodically give yourselves aerobic loading drink after training not earlier, than in 40-60 minutes so much, how many it would be desirable, but during training drink 50-100 gram a little sweetened and acidified water. Aerobic and any other exercises provide the maximum disintegration of fat. Aerobic is a continuous cyclic loading with involving of the big groups of muscles within 40-60 minutes. Degree of loading is defined only by pulse and training time, instead of kilometers, kcal or kilojoules.
Drink on a water glass 20-30 minutes prior to any meal. It will become a useful habit and will cease to trouble you.
Soda water raises both appetite, and comprehensibility of food.
Fresh juices in first half of day become pleasant and useful addition to a diet. But! Only dissolved with water 1:1 or 1:2 (for decrease glycemic index), and only after weight normalization.
For prevention of a liquid delay in organism lower salt consumption, salt insufficiently food (especially it concerns those who is inclined to puffiness). A various pickles afford only occasionally.
At some stage (after 1-3 month) you, probably, will want to “urge on” growing thin process a little. At good state of health and normal function of a liver and kidneys (consult to doctor) to accelerate weight dump will help dry starvation – 1–2, a maximum 3 days. Begin with one day once a week.
In the evening instead of a supper drink magnesia (laxative) – 30–60 g of a powder on a water glass. Further, within 15-30 minutes drink the greatest possible quantity of water – to 1-2 liters. Next day you drink nothing and do not eat absolute anything. An organism from own fat will successfully extract water; after all it on 93 % consists of water. The effect of such action will pleasantly surprise you with result. Next day after dry starvation in first half of day fractionally drink the juice dissolved with water, 1-1,2 liters. In second half – as it is fractional, in 4-6 ingestions – small amounts of the very carefully chewed fruit and vegetables, for the night a glass of the kefir a few dissolved with water. For the third day come back to food already habitual for you.
Simply days of limited intake of food do not give such fat-burning effect. Anyway, if you really take care of your health, you will follow these rules.

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