Smoking And This Terrible Cancer.

Many people want to know whether smoking causes cancer or not. But as for me I think that this question should be considered to be on of the stupidest question people have ever asked. From my point of view it’s the same as asking if there’s a sight resemblance of life in the melting metal at the factory. But any way people keep on asking this stupid question. I really wonder what makes ask this question all over again. It’s clear that it doesn’t sound reasonable at all.

In my opinion there’s no need to ask this question. Instead of these worthless attempts to hear the evident thing one should focus entirely on quitting this dangerous habit. It’s a real chance to fight for your health. People spend too much time on asking stupid questions while time isn’t only money but it’s also health of course. So you’d better make the first step right now.

As you can see these damn tobacco companies could care much less about older people. The matter is that these people are addicted already. That’s why they needn’t any persuasion to purchase one more pack of cigarettes. But older people won’t live too long because they are old people first of all. But we should pay attention to young kids. Exactly these young kids have many chances to become victims of tobacco companies. In fact tobacco companies consume kids and this is truth to my great regret. So it’s high time to educate our kids that kids smoking causes cancer. So in the nearer future they shouldn’t ask such questions.

Perhaps you know that the society we live in is full of very intelligent people but even in spite of this fact tobacco companies always succeed with their advertising. As the result they have no problems with selling their harmful products. Moreover there’s no need to rely on the government. It would be a foolish thing to rely on these VIP guys. As you know the government earns much on the corresponding tax. I mean that tax on cigarettes. This means billions of dollars every year. Yes, I mean exactly billions, forget about miserable millions.

I don’t know when people we’ll start fighting for their precious health. Perhaps this will occur very soon, God only knows of course. But I know for sure that nobody can guarantee you that you won’t get into a hospital with cancer. Everything is so uncertain in this world. I mean chances to die of cancer. I know that the lung cancer is a really scaring thing because some of my relatives died of cancer. They were smokers. So I don’t ask this question because I know the truth. I hope you’ll never smoke in your life.

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