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Small-scale Business: Where To Get Money To Start It?


The problem of resources is actual not only for the regional banks financing small-scale business though for them it costs most sharply. Very few people presumes to themselves development of programs of crediting of small-scale business at the expense of own means or have access to cheap resources owing to the status. From domestic banks for today the Bank for foreign trade which within a year has distributed credits to the small and average enterprises. But the basic supplier of resources for bank crediting of small-scale business is foreign banks.

The pioneer in this sense was the European bank of reconstruction and development. For today the European bank has enclosed in small-scale business crediting more than 2 billions dollars. The gain since September of last year till September flowing has made 60 %, according to Group of small-scale business of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank

The European Reconstruction and Development Bank initially set as the purpose work with banks-intermediaries — the existing commercial banks specially created by banks and with microfinancing funds. At a bank-partner choice the basic criteria are the commercial recoupment of credits and an effective utilization of means of the technical help. That is European Reconstruction and Development Bank means, target image directed on small-scale business crediting, should be returnable and work should be profitable.

In due course European Reconstruction and Development Bank banks-partners should be ready to search of refinancing, crediting on commercial terms. That is the European Reconstruction and Development Bank learns banks to “swim” in this sea, and not only giving necessary financial resources, but also technologies and technical help.

It is possible to argue that in this case it is more valuable to the banks co-operating with foreign credit institutes, — money or technologies of competent work with small enterprises. The manager of projects of Deutsche Bank Nicolas Drude is assured that small-scale business crediting will be favorably if effective technologies are going to be used. And in a package with crediting for banks-partners (for 18 months of work this bank has distributed 46 million euro) the Deutsche Bank delivers the gratuitous technical help for development of credit technologies.

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Financial analysis:

But also the banks possessing secret knowledge of how correctly to finance small enterprises, anything concrete about an essence of the mentioned technologies do not tell. It is obvious that a technology kernel is the technique of an estimation of the borrower, an estimation of its risks. Work with the small or average enterprise demands accurately built approaches with the predicted result, the formalized requirements to the borrower (turns, pledges, the reporting) and the reasonable standardized approach for the sake of reduction of time and bank expenses. As a matter of fact, bankers speak about the competent financial analysis.

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