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Small-scale Business: Fast Financial Help.

However the overwhelming majority of banks does not have East Europe statistics and, the main thing, is not present a financial power which would allow to risk, turning out a private experience. Except subjective circumstances at banks is also objective which consist in norms of regulation, requirements to reservation and quality of pledges.

And any more for small enterprises, but for banks these requirements become a protecting barrier. Banks, it turns out, not very much want to potter with a risky trifle, moreover they cannot. But specialized funds of micro financings and the credit cooperative societies existing at the expense of various foreign grants, credits and means of shareholders, are freer from the point of view of adjustment of their activity and have greater space for maneuver.

Without going into subtleties of specificity of work of the financial organizations, it is possible to tell that today in the market are some hundreds of credit unions, cooperative societies, funds etc. According to research of Institute of the open economy, conducted in last year work, the cumulative portfolio of the micro financial organizations for a year has constituted 94 million of US dollars. Thus they approach to an estimation of the borrower more flexibly, than banks, and by determination are ready to work with small amounts of loan. On the average, according to research, the size of one loan was in limits of 600-1200 dollars that confirms thought “fast aid” character of such crediting. Consumer bank loans in a significant amount of cases exceed the average size of an “enterprise” loan in micro financial organizations. It is not surprising that banks should make serious effort to force itself to estimate micro crediting prospects.

Probably, the obvious consent of the smallest businessmen to pay for the credit high percent could become argument. According to the same research, the maximum interest rate has turned out at level of 45 % annual, and minimum — 26 %. Thus level of delays is very low. At 50 % of the micro financial organizations it was no more than 2,7 % from all portfolio. It concerns the indebtedness delayed for more than 30 days. By the way, figures are quite comparable to delays for bank sector. To small-scale business the defaulting debt is in a portfolio of bank loans at level of 1-1,5 %.

Banks and not banks:

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Banks which would like to work with consumers of micro credits, but do not wish to be put in development of a necessary infrastructure (forming of the special program, personnel training etc.), can act as micro financial creditors. The micro financial organizations are in great need in resources, but seldom find mutual understanding in banks.

A part of banks consider micro financial organizations as competitors. In such credit organizations internal orders, direct prohibitions on crediting micro financial organization’s act. Far-sighted banks including Foreign Trade Bank understand that banks and micro financial organizations are not competitors that at them different clientele. However to micro financial organizations there are claims from the point of view of a transparency, doubts in a reflexivity of means etc. And in some cases banks are not guilty that micro financial organization cannot receive bank loans. For example, credit cooperative societies and consumer societies under the law can use only means of shareholders.

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