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Slim With Tea! The Link Between Green Tea And Weight Loss

Green tea has become very popular these days. If you want to be healthy you should drink green tea on a regular basis. However there are many researches that have proved that green tea has many benefits and only some people notice the link between green tea and weight loss.

Can drinking green tea really promote healthy weight loss?
The Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea
Before we try to find a link between green tea and weight loss, let’s study different health benefits that you can reap from drinking green tea.

This drink has been used for medical purposes four centuries ago in China. Today it is still a widely used drink in the Eastern Europe though its influence is increasing in the Western part of the world as more and more people are getting conscious about their health and figure.

Apart from making your body healthier green tea can also assist in the following situations:

Spreading of Cancer Cells – Many researches have shown that drinking green tea can really slow the increase of cancer cells.

Reduce Cholesterol Levels – Some studies have also shown that there is a link between cholesterol levels and green tea. If you drink more you will lower your cholesterol levels. We will discuss it later on and when the link between green tea and weight loss will be set.

Rheumatoid Arthrits – People fighting arthritic problems can have less painful lifestyle with the assistance of green tea. The healing properties of green tea can greatly reduce the signs of artrithis in the long run, enabling people to establish a normal lifestyle.

Other possible benefits for drinking tea are more helpful treatment for disease and heart related diseases and can even prevent tooth decay.

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The Link between Green Tea and Weight Loss
And at last we came at the most vital part: can drinking green tea help you to reduce weight?

Decreasing Cholesterol Levels – and again we come back to cholesterol, as this is the component that can hinder weight loss. There exist two types of cholesterol: LDL and HDL. The last causes us weight problems and green tea can reduce the amount of LDL.

Increased Metabolic Rate – A body’s metabolic rate defines the speed of which the body can digest the food we have consumed. A higher metabolic rate is better for people who try to lose weight as it means that their bodies can quickly get rid of the food they have eaten and prevent them from storing extra fats.

Lower Stress Levels – stress and pressure has been stated as a vital factor in putting on weight. Therefore, if you can decrease your stress levels, you will have better chance for weight loss. Drinking green tea has proved a beneficial effect on individual’s stress level because of the high amount of antioxidants it contains.

Possible Worries When Drinking Green Tea
Drinking green tea is not suitable for everybody. So, be careful.

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