Simple Rules In Fitness Club

There is an opinion that for achievement of optimum result it is necessary to be engaged every day. Actually, rest is necessary to our body. Whatever was loading, the organism after time adapts for it and reacts, as on the normal. For this reason the best effect is reached in a mode day-training, day-rest. If you have stopped after couple of months necessarily change the program. As it is possible change sequence of exercises more often, – then muscles will not have time to get used to the same loading and will work at the full capacity. Who prefers to those step, slide, latina, fitball and so forth, it is necessary to alternate “classes” from time to time.

Massage, perhaps, will be one of the most pleasant procedures. Professional massage not only will weaken muscles after tiresome training, but also will help to correct your figure. Anti-cellulite massage you will not name as the pleasant. However, if you have enough courage to bear such 10 sessions, reduction in volumes is guaranteed, and appearance of integuments considerably will improve, from “orange-peel” there will be no also a trace. With a view of effect preservation, it is recommended to spend a preventive session monthly, and a complete course – 2 times a year.

And, the most important thing is do not overeat! Your diet should consist now only of healthy food! Vegetables, the fruit, useful fats and carbohydrates. Drink more than mineral water! Forget about coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. After all the new life begins! The beginning is already necessary, it is necessary to show persistence and patience only. And results necessarily will be! Only do not stop on the reached. Let the healthy way of life will turn for you to pleasure!
There are some rules concerning the behaviour in the fitness hall.
That in fitness club not to get to awkward position, familiarise with behaviour rules:

Do not be late! The instructor has the right not to start up to employment if the client is late more than for 10 minutes. So you have to come in time.
There is the rule which states that there shouldn`t be any mobile phones in fitness hall! Refrain from phone conversations in an exercise room.
It is obligatory to have another shoes! Training in street footwear is forbidden.
It is impossible to reserve places in a hall.

Refuse use of perfume with a pungent smell. Indoors force of aroma increases that can adversely be reflected in state of health of associates.
Visit only those lessons which correspond to your level of preparation.
Having worked on a training apparatus, wipe it with towel even if it seems to you that it absolutely dry. Don`t forget about these simple rules.

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