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Sexy Stomachs: A True Proof That You Are Losing Weight

Almost all of us have the desire of having a sexy stomach, having it flat, slim and with abs for men makes a person declares he/she is sexy enough and will also make a person confident in some ways.
Your body’s fat ratio is the key in having this kind of desire is, in order for your abdominal muscles to show, your body must have a low amount of body fat. Otherwise, whatever you do will not make sense at all. For men, you need to lose at least 10% of fats while women have to lose 15% of fats for abs to be defined. And reaching this level of abs building will definitely depend on how your metabolism works and the type of body you have.
To get to that level, I can share a few basic guidelines with you.

First you have to increase your metabolism and to do this, it is best to eat smaller meals and eat frequently, every two to three hours. By doing this you will instantly increase your metabolism that will help you burn more calories all day long. In every meal you have to combine a good amount of protein with some low carbs, these carbs are slow burning that will make you feel full for a longer time. Examples of these low-carbs that can help you sustain your energy levels are plums, grapes, grapefruits, pears, peaches, apples, oranges, sweet potato, oats, some dairy products and most of all vegetables but never include those root vegetables such for carrots and corn because they are not really helpful in losing weight.

Avoid such processed foods like pastas, crackers, fruit juice, white rice, yogurts which are said to be fat free but is loaded of sugar, pastries and cookies. All of these foods are all carbohydrates, yes we know that carbohydrates are very essential for the brain and provide energy to the body but the problem here is that they are not all created equal. By cutting down fat and carbohydrates, calories eventually fill in.

By the time your diet is already in order, you can now start the abdominal exercises. You should only work your abs every other day this is because your body muscles are still growing even if you are at rest. Some of the best abs exercises are hanging leg exercises, pull-down crunches, Swiss ball crunches, Swiss ball side crunches and bench crunches. These exercises helps you work more muscle fibers than regular exercises and also help you work through a greater range of motion. While you are doing these crunches, crunch up as high and only come down a few inches, crunch up back again, the tension on your muscle must be maintained. Never allow your muscles to be at rest or else you are just wasting your time. This is a sure tip that others fail to follow.

In as early as six weeks, you can see so progress in your abs, this is very possible with proper and healthy diet, cardio and abdominal exercises. You should also have the motivation within yourself to be able to conquer all the challenges of the whole process.

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