Weight Loss

Several Products That Accelerate Fat Burning.

A growing number of researches tell us that the inclusion of certain foods into the diet can accelerate the burning of fat and improve body composition. Based on the latest scientific data, I identified several useful products in this sense. They should be a part of any bodybuilder’s diet.

1. Grapefruit.

Grapefruit is an integral part of the fat-burning diet for a long time, but only now we have clear evidences of positive effect of this fruit on the level of insulin in the body, and therefore the processes of fat burning.

During the 12-week experiment, researchers from the American Hospital found that fat people that consumed a portion of a grapefruit with each meal (three times a day) showed an average weight loss of 1.6 kg compared with 0.2 kg in the control group. The participants of the experiment saved their culinary habits, having slightly increased training loads. Inclusion of a grapefruit in the diet has led to burning more than five pounds of fat in some subjects.

Bodybuilders are knowledgeable about the food more than the average man in the street, and therefore they should not expect that grapefruit will allow losing five kilograms of fat, but a couple of slices of grapefruit after every meal helps keep glucose and insulin levels in check that would weaken the esurience and speed up the metabolism of fats. This simple strategy can increase the efficiency of fat loss during dieting.

2. Red wine.

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Red wine should be a part of every healthy diet aimed at burning fat. In small doses it provides a lot of anti-cancer effects, and also speeds up the metabolism of fats. One of the biggest discoveries of nutritiology was the identification of resveratrol, the active ingredient of red wine. This compound has demonstrated the ability to increase significantly the processing level of fat cells.

Other studies have shown that stimulation of this protein by resveratrol (the consumption of red wine) activates genes that promote longevity. Resveratrol is a part of the skin of grapes, but since it is rapidly oxidized, losing its metabolic effects, fresh grapes and white wine are less effective its sources. Red wine is a unique provider of resveratrol, in the process of fermentation keeping it in the same amount as in grapes.

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