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Separate Nourishment Diet For Losing Weight.

Separate nourishment diet was created with the purpose of losing weight by an American doctor more than seventy years ago and at the present time it has become very popular again. The basis of this diet is a healthy nourishment, so it is not only for those who are going to lose weight and to become slim. Separate nourishment diet can be also used by people with the purpose to stay healthy. The results of the separate nourishment diet are shown not at once, as it is not a fashionable diet, but this diet guarantees slow and constant losing weight. The American doctor who created this diet was sure that a human body digested carbohydrates and proteins differently and that’s why these elements should never be included into one meal. Of course this means that many traditional dishes are eliminated automatically in order to get the maximal effect of losing weight, for example baked or fried meat with potato, pasta with meat or mushrooms, the majority of sandwiches etc. Rice, pasta, bread and potato contain carbohydrates in kind of starch, these products can be eaten with vegetables, but with meat, fish or dairy products that are rich for proteins. These protein products help to lose weight without special exercises, and they can be eaten with vegetables but not with those that contain starch. This diet means that you will have to change your preferences in foods radically, but may of those who tried this separate nourishment diet think that it allows to watch after weight without much efforts.

There is an example of separate nourishment diet.
Breakfast: home made flakes made of rolled oats, crushed almonds, Brazilian nuts, raisins, flax seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, dress the flakes with apple and lemon juices and add grated apple to the flakes.

The second breakfast: a salad dressed with the sauce from avocado.

Dinner: protein dish: grilled fish with a large portion of salad from green vegetables and herbs dressed with kefir or olive oil.

Keeping the separate nourishment diet it doesn’t take you much time to make the foods, as you eat the majority of products fresh.

What are the advantages of separate nourishment diet?
It is very easy to learn the rules of foods combination, there is no need to weigh every portion and to count every calorie as products that are recommended by this diet contain not much lipids and sugar.
Separate nourishment is a long lasting plan, but not a fashionable diet, that’s why it gives chances to you to lose weight regularly, to stay slim and to make your body healthier.

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But of course the separate nourishment diet has its negative sides too.
You will have to change almost all your food habits. You can not eat sandwiches with ham or cheese, potato with meat or pasta with fish or with minced meat. It becomes difficult to eat out of your home.

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