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Separate Food Is Not A Diet, This Is A Life Style.

The theory of separate food was offered by the American doctor Herbert Sheldonom in 1928. Its author confirms: the majority of products are normally acquired by an organism only if you consume these products separately. For example, protein products (meat, fish, eggs, nuts, mushrooms and so on) are not combined with products that contain much of carbohydrates (bread, cereals, potato and so on) because for their digestion the organism allocates different ferments.

All foodstuff is divided into three groups: proteins, vegetative food and carbohydrates. In a gastrointestinal tract the vegetative food can be digested itself. Proteins are decomposed basically by reactants of acid composition. Carbohydrates are decomposed by alkaline reactants. There are also fats, but they are combined both with proteins and with carbohydrates.

The logic of a separate food consists in division of meals on protein and carbohydrate.

Carbohydrate meals includes products, that mainly contain carbohydrates (farinaceous food, sweets, cereals, potato, groats). It is so-called an energetic cuisine. It is quickly digested. Carbohydrates and vegetative food should make a basis of a daily diet.

The protein meals include products that contain much of proteins (meat, fish, eggs, nuts). For normal vital functions of a body it is necessary to consume enough proteins. But at a separate food proteins are digested completely, therefore their quantity is necessary for reducing to a minimum. it would be completely enough to eat meat one or two times a week.

At the simultaneous consuming only compatible products, we facilitate the work to our organism. The food that is homogeneous for a chemical compound has time to be digested completely within 2 hours and destroy itself from a body.

At the simultaneous consuming of proteins and carbohydrates there is a development of an acid and alkaline secretion. As a result the food is not digested completely and is saved in the folds of thick intestines.

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The minimum break between the consume of proteins and carbohydrates should be not less than 3 hours.

A separate food promotes:
– To clarification of intestines from the accumulated debris of undigested products;
– Saves you from an unpleasant smell from a mouth;
– Eliminates disbacteriosis and stool retention, clearing gastroenteric tract and digestive system;
– Clears the body of chemical waste;
– Restores the balance of work of almost all organs;
– Promotes deliverance from overweight.
A separate food is not a diet and not only the separate consuming of food, this is a style of life and true health.

Many people think that it is too hard to change their food habits and to change a life style. Actually yes, it is not easy, but it is possible. Of course this process has to be gradual. You can not change your life style completely at once. Start with small steps. For example try to separate your meals for protein, vegetative and carbohydrates at the beginning. Try to eat more of healthy products. After some time you will get used to these diet and you really will be surprised with changes in your body and health.

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