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Separate Eating Is Better Than A Diet. Japanese Diet

Our organism acquires the same food and the use of the mixed food can lead to infringement of work of intestines, an intoxication of an organism and excess weight. The doctors do not recommend to use together two albuminous products, fibers with fats or sour fruit, fats with carbohydrates, sugar with starch, and milk, a melon and a water-melon to eat general separately from other food.

Among admirers of a separate food indeed there are not a lot of fat men. The matter is that in these systems absolutely correct advices sound like that: you should slowly and in the small portions to avoid the refined products and fast food, to limit salt, to use natural cereals, fruit and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, not after 20 o`clock, you should not go in for sports on a hungry stomach. The effect is received by those people who observe also these recommendations, and not just a separateness principle.

Minuses: necessity constantly to watch compatibility of products in the plate does admirers of a separate food by hostages of rather difficult system which utility is denied by a modern medical science. Besides, at a constant separate food the digestive system loses ability to consult with the mixed food and then the diet should be transformed into a way of life.
Choosing a diet you should not be fond of exotic. The diet should consist basically of products traditional for your country as the organism is accustomed to them genetically.
Term of observance of a diet is not 3-4 day or month, and all life, after all “Diet” in translation from Greek means “way of life”.
Be not fond of monodiets (the diets which have 1-2 products). They are better for using as unloading diets.
A food should be 4 or 5 single at which you don’t feel “brutal hunger”.

And at last, listen to yourself: if you aren’t tormented with hunger attacks if your weight decreases if it seems to you that you have looked younger and feel vigorously and easily if your working capacity has raised and there is no irritability and weakness it means that you have chosen correctly a diet.

If you were mistaken – be not afflicted, other diet is simply necessary to you, you already many have learned and all will turn out, and we will help you.

The Japanese diet
For a dinner and a supper — a boiled hen or beef, fried or boiled fish, eggs, fresh or boiled cabbage, carrots, vegetable marrows, occasionally tomato juice, fruit, cheese, kefir. Sugar, salt, bread and alcoholic drinks are under the strict interdiction. The diet of two weeks during which the metabolism and an organism have time to change firmly and ostensibly a weight.

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Actually, a traditional food of Japanese hasn’t something in common with «a Japanese diet», however allows to keep normal weight. Japanese actively consume rice, a soya and other bean products, vegetables and fruit, sea fish and salt. Meat, a bird, and dairy products inhabitants of the Country of a rising sun eat eggs seldom and in small amounts, prefer various grades of tea.

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