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Self-hypnosis And Weight Loss

Does self-hypnosis work for weight loss? Yes, it does, it absolutely works for any individual with the weight loss intentions. The thing is that we all have the mind power which is waiting to be tapped into. However, the situation is not the same for everyone. It is true and pretty logical that many people have hypnosis fears due to the whole range of reasons. Of course, they want to see some magnificent show in Las Vegas, but the surely have no desire to end up clucking the same like the chicken does each time they hear the bell rings. But the stage show is able to bring lot of positive emotions and much fun from this participation. I must still admit that hypnosis stays one of the most effective weight loss tools. Imagine, if it can make you clucking like chicken for each bell sound, can you get what it can make with your weight loss process?! In laymen terms, hypnosis is the big teacher. In general, it is simply learning. In fact, hypnosis creates a kind of the lesson which should be learnt and absorbed by our subconscious and preserved forever. Actually, there are two aspects to memorize: our conscious mind is critical and our subconscious mind is the part which holds our beliefs. What hypnosis does? It usually puts aside the evaluation feature of our conscious mind and allows our subconscious mind to accept new suggestions.

When you practice self-hypnosis you are at the same time creating some suggestions that perfectly suits you. All this is possible in the peaceful state – the state of relaxation. Someone in trance will not go like a zombie (with the arms outstretched) until someone tells him finally. From my own experience, I can claim that this peaceful trance feels wonderful and unforgettable. The logical explanation why the hypnosis works is due to the fact that when an individual is relaxed, his or her mind is open to suggestions of different nature while the critical mind being relaxed allows to accepting this offer. The next question is the following: what happens when you have some belief in which you strongly believe? Of course, you act upon it. For instance, if you believe that you should eat only when you feel that you are physically hungry, then you are not going to consume anything if your stomach is full. It means that you will not eat until you hear your stomach growling. Believe me in a week the results of your hypnosis will be noticeable for everyone. That is why self-hypnosis was acknowledged to be an effective tool of weight loss. Finally, I would say that you must try hypnosis in case the other methods result unhelpful for you, because conventional ways should be experienced first.

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