Weight Loss

Secrets Of Proper Metabolism

The healthy food picked up by the dietarian will help not only to lose weight together with it will also disappear, bound with it, diseases.

The problem of any dietarian is to restore a metabolism of the patient. And it all the same that to repair the difficult mechanism: without knowledge and special instruments not to manage. To tell about modern approaches to restoration of metabolic processes we have asked many dietitians.

– To begin with it is important to find out, how at the person fibers, fats, carbohydrates, macro and trace substances are acquired. All is a building material for our cells and it is necessary for their functioning. Thanks to the modern techniques it is possible not to hand over set of separate laboratory analyses: to find out the necessary indicators it is possible, without leaving an office of the dietarian.

For example, the small device gives out the information at once on 70 indicators which speak about structure of a body of the patient. The apparatus works by an electrocardiogram principle. Only electrodes are imposed not on a thorax, but arms and feet. The apparatus banishes on a body insensible for the person electric impulses and fixes their conductivity cells of different tissues.

To the patient give listing with the color chart where the information moves in percentage, proceeding from gross weight of the person. According to the doctor is a fine possibility independently to track dynamics of changes in an organism after transition to a balanced diet. If to apply the analyzer (by the way, procedure absolutely harmless) with periodicity of times in 2-3 weeks, whether it is possible to be convinced visually effectively treatment, or not? For example, if by results of the next research it is found out that from five driven kgs four and a half is the liquid, means, it is impossible to name result positive, after all the dumped weight can come back. It is necessary to correct again a food ration.

One more irreplaceable subject in work of the modern dietarian a subject is the apparatus for computer multipurpose diagnostics.

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– The device “scans” biochemical structure of a blood without its fence by means of supersensitive electrodes, conductings impose on a projection of carotids to a neck, arteries under mice and aortas on a stomach. They identify the various cells migrating with a current of a blood on an electric charge. The computer program simply summarizes the obtained data that gives the chance to judge concentration of these or those substances in a blood. Thus, the apparatus gives out results of 117 laboratory and other diagnostic indicators. It is interesting that occurrence of errors of this new technique is low enough – 2-3 % (actually the same that can give out any other inspection).

According to the dietarian as a result of such research (it lasts no more than half an hour) it is possible to receive accurate representation of what happens in a human body.

– Quite often find out and serious enough pathology – the dietarian tells. Failures in work of the hormonal or digestive systems, in particular progressing diseases of a gastro enteric tract, kidneys, a liver, a gall bladder. At many these deviations are accompanied by disturbances of a cardiovascular system, diabetes, depression of immunity and other problems. Such diagnostics allows finding out even oncologic disease at early stages.

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