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As I am getting back into the swing of things, I am going to be more focused on mixing in new types of workouts and training techniques to avoid the problem of plateaus and boredom.  Both of which will likely lead to failure and disappointment.

The first place that has come up in my searched is a site called WorkoutPass.

Workoutpass gives you instant access to over 40 different workout websites.  Each of these sites are filled with niche type workouts specific to strengthening alternate parts of your body. The following is from the site:

“Whether you want to lose weight or you’re an athlete who wants to take your game to the next level, we have the solution for you. Every workout in the network was created by a fitness expert. There are no computerized programs created by a geeky IT department, our workouts are battle-tested, easy to follow and ready for you.

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Save time and save money. Why waste hundreds of hours online trying to find a good workout when we have everything right here at your fingertips? And why spend over $500 a month (or more) for different online solutions when you can have unlimited access to 43 different websites for about $.25 cents a day?”

Take a look at all of the sites and see if they interest you.  Most of them have sample workout routines to view and help you determine if this is a good match for your training needs.

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