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Scientists Developed A New Way Of Losing Weight

In England in the city of Norwich under the direction of doctors of Research institute of foodstuff the group of scientists had been found out communication between process of mastering of fats and specific enzymes. It appears, it is promoting splitting of fats can slow down process of their mastering. In what it results?

When mastering of fats occurs more slowly, fat acids have time to reach small intestines (its bottom department). Development of hormones which are responsible for feeling of saturation is thus stimulated. It influences depression of appetite and quantity of the eaten nutrition. Now the research group works over working out of the production technology of the fats, capable to be acquired more slowly.

If creation of products with the fats acquired more slowly their use in nutrition will allow becomes result of such researches is artificial to start the saturation mechanism. Thereof disposal of excess weight for many people will occur much easier.

But, there is one feature. Slowly acquired fats are capable to render the wonderful action only in the course of their reception. Therefore for losing weight it is impossible to consider them as panacea.

For conservation of positive takes it is necessary to eat correctly or to use products with fats which are slowly acquired, constantly.

Dietary chocolate for losing weight

Probably, each of us reflected on that it would be good if our favorite delicacies weren’t such high-calorie and didn’t render negative influence on our figure. Especially it concerns with all favorite chocolate which contains a considerable quantity of fats.

The woman who is keeping to the rigid diet can easy transfer necessity is monotonous, tasteless nutrition, but not to indulge yourself with a chocolate it already too.

Dietary chocolate

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In this connection dietarians have decided to develop low-calorie replacement to chocolate which won’t concede to the present chocolate not on gustatory qualities, not on appearance. The idea consists in that fats which in considerable quantities contain in chocolate are replaced with water or air. Water dietary chocolate really in what doesn’t concede to the present chocolate, except an indicator on fat content that only pleases.

Scientists have also developed some more products which can serve in struggle against excess weight. Mayonnaise concerns such products, with the maintenance of fat no more than 5 % and porridges which inflate in a stomach and for long time give sensation of satiety at the person.

At present scientists actively advance the products on the market which can serve as alternative to high-caloric nutrition and make changes to world tendencies which speak about total adiposity in a society.

Disadvantage of dietary chocolate

But along with all advantages of dietary chocolate, this product has one essential disadvantage. The matter is that fat-free chocolate is deprived of the useful qualities.

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