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Salt-free Diets Help To Achieve Two Purposes

Millions people are anxious by a problem of normalization of a diet. For achievement of this purpose more and more people choose for themselves and relatives some diet. Diets close access to our organism to certain components in a current of the limited time interval. Let’s together try to understand the essence of the salt-free diet and what positive and negative sides it represents.

Today at a diet of the person there are semi-prepared foods with which in an organism gets the salt, which quantity, certainly, above the admissible. Periodic use of a salt-free diet can balance quantity of salt arriving in an organism.

The salt-free diet is prescribed first of all to people suffering of edema, and also who has problems with cardiovascular system and kidneys.

Salt-free diets help to achieve two purposes:

1. To help an organism to loose an excess weight.

2. Improvement of health state at illnesses of cardiovascular system, diseases of kidneys, and also at edema.

That the organism functioned normally, it is necessary to use every day from 4 to 10 gram of salt.

Each person has a possibility to choose for himself a salt-free diet, but there are a number of the general rules:

– Not to use with food any salt at all;

– Food intakes in day should be four or five; portions of meal should be small;

– Fat and fried, smoked and chilly, meat and fish broths, pork, mutton, game, and also confectionery products should be excluded from a diet;

– The salt-free diet assumes the use of rye bread, soups on the basis of vegetable broths, porridges, vegetables, fruit, the low-fat meat, and one egg in a day.

The best natural sources of salt are crabs, oysters, a beet, carrots and kidneys.

In day it is recommended to drink about 2 liters of water.

Beginners should follow a variant of low-salt diet. When a little of salt is added to the food after preparation.

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How does the salt-free diet influence an organism?

Deficiency of salt in an organism leads to metabolism infringement, and excess weight can become a consequence of it.

If in an organism gets the insufficient quantity of salt – the liquid is lost more. If salt is excluded from a diet in a current of the first days the person can lose some kilograms. It is caused by organism dehydration, instead of splitting of fats.

The salt-free diet is not recommended to keep at hot season. It is caused by that together with sweat you loose useful trace elements.

People who actively go in for sports should concern salt-free diets cautiously. At the big physical activities the organism requires the raised quantity of mineral substances.

Duration of a salt-free diet is caused by your state of health and objects in view. On the average it can proceed from 4 till 15 days.

Positive influence on an organism of salt-free diets.

At normalization of quantity of salt the metabolism improves, and work of an internal is facilitated.

The positive aspect of a salt-free diet consists still that frequent food intake and consequently there is a normal mastering of food is meant, and the person does not overeat.

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