Runners Training Guide

You accurately know the answer to a question: what for you are engaged in fitness? It seem that the answer is obvious – to become more beautiful and more harmonous! But this answer too indistinct.
What is in your opinion the most difficult in fitness? A competent food allowance? The correct technics of exercises? The most difficult is to continue employment even if you do not see desirable results despite diets and persistent trainings.

The first couple of months of the marksman of scales steadily crept downwards. You had a confidence that so will be always. But progress began to be slowed down. You plough tirelessly by the sweat of the brow and already start to think whether this fitness in general is necessary to you. At this stage the majority, having been disappointed, throw trainings.
Correctly object in view is half solved problem. It concerns also fitness! Only the accurate purpose will help you to concentrate and find a unique correct wayof its achievement. Statement of a problem is already an effective remedy for motivation. It can be compared to the ship at ocean. Each ship has accurately designated courseand only strictly following it the ship will reach the necessary point ashore.

So we were defined that first of all it is necessary to ponder and establish for itself immediate tasks. Then in 2-3 months to sum up: that is executed, that has turned out, that is not present and to understand why. It is necessary for updating of the program of the further actions.
As often happens we look at a figure of the known film star or more harmonous girl-friend and we speak to ourselves: «I wish to be the same!» It is absolutely wrong approach. First it is absolutely inconcrete purpose and from it we cannot build the program of actions. Secondly you are you, at you the features, the constitution, you can strongly differ from your ideal. And in this case you are waited by inevitable disappointment – you will never reach it. Put real problems, quite achievable for you. For example, to grow thin on 5 (10, 15) kg. Or to reduce waist volume by 5 centimetres.

Also it is not necessary to forget that fitness urged not only to correct lacks of your figure. Fitness is a way of life! Therefore the purposes can be very much and very different.

It is important, that process of improvement and maintenance of the figure given to you by nature brought to you pleasure and pleasure. Fitness can become the beginning and a basis of your new sports way of life. Find what is really pleasant to you to be engaged. It can be everything, everything: mountain skiing, swimming, beach volleyball. And even when your figure becomes close to your ideal you cannot refuse sports any more.

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Obviously distance running can help a lot with the general fitness and health of your body. So, if you are interested in the runners training guide or distance running information – please visit this site.

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