As it is strange but several years ago the question on advantage of jogging called many disputes. Was considered that during run the brain tests ten thousand harmful micropushings. But today both supporters, and opponents of this method of improvement of health have converged that jogging is useful. It is capable to prolong a life more than for 10 years. Let’s consider how run influences systems and bodies of the person.

The central nervous system.
Run is the best natural tranquilizer – it is more effective than medical products. In a combination to water procedures it successfully struggles with a neurasthenia and a sleeplessness called by a nervous overstrain and abundance of the arriving information.

Calming influence of run is caused by action of hormones of a hypophysis allocated in blood at work on endurance. At intensive training their maintenance increases in blood in 5 times in comparison with level of rest and is kept in the raised concentration within several hours. Hormones call original euphoria, sensation of causeless pleasure, physical and mental well-being, quash feeling of hunger and a pain therefore the mood sharply improves. Psychiatrists widely use jogging at treatment of depressions – irrespective of their reason.

Blood circulation system
Employment by jogging make positive impact on blood circulation system. At inspection of 580 runners at the age from 30 till 70 years has been revealed that the basic indicators of activity of cardiovascular system did not differ from similar indicators of young healthy people. During employment by jogging there are important changes and in biochemical structure of blood that influences resistibility of an organism to many diseases, including oncological. So, at inspection of 126 runners is more senior 40 years positive changes in system of antineoplastic protection of an organism to proportionally experience of employment were observed by jogging.

Weight of a body.
Thanks to activization of a fatty exchange jogging is an effective remedy of normalisation of weight of a body. People who are regularly engaged in jogging have the body weight close to ideal, and the fat maintenance in 1,5 times is less than at not running.

The group of the American scientists observed the women which weight of a body was on the average on 80 % of more norm. Within 2 months they were engaged in jogging without restrictions in a diet. After the experiment termination decrease in their weight of a body on the average with 100 to 93 kg has been noted.

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As the researches have shown the dosed out jogging allows to normalise weight of a body not only at the expense of increase in power inputs, but also as a result of oppression of feeling of hunger (at allocation in blood hormones). Thus decrease in weight of a body by power consumption increase (by means of physical exercises) is more physiologic.

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