Rotator Cuff Tear Rehab – Begin Your Treatment Tonight

Starting rotator cuff injury treatment is one of the smartest things that you can do if you have pain in your shoulder. You could be suffering from an injury that effects hundreds of people if you have pain in your upper arm or your shoulder area. Rotator cuff injury therapy may help you reduce your shoulder pain.

Shoulder injuries seem to be more and more common in today’s society. Why? Our society is getting older and, believe it or not, more active.

The pain associated with shoulder injuries can be caused by a number of factors. Tendonitis and bursitis are just a couple of examples of the causes of shoulder pain. Rotator cuff injury treatment can help ease your shoulder pain if you are suffering from a specific injury or if you are suffer from pain that has been with you for years.

No matter what the cause of your injury, or if you have been diagnosed with a specific condition, one thing is clear. You must eliminate the inflammation in and around you shoulder to reduce your symptoms of pain. This inflammation of tissues in your shoulder is the source of all of your discomfort.

Here is my quick tip for beginning your rotator cuff injury treatment: Cold Compressive Therapy. Cold compressive therapy is simply the most important rotator cuff injury treatment that you can implement to reduce or even eliminate your pain. This treatment will reduce the swelling and discomfort in your shoulder and potentially improve your range of motion.

You will see the best results if you apply this therapy shortly after you are active or after your exercise routine. I know, I know, you don’t need any more hassles in your life. But I promise you that a little ice will go a long way.

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Yes, a little ice treatment can go a long way, but what is something else that you can do. The cause of your pain is the inflammation of tissues in your shoulder, right? That brings me to another very important step that you can take to reduce your pain and discomfort. Have you ever heard of or are you familiar with over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. The single most important over the counter medication that you can take is ibuprofen. First, let me be clear in this next statement. Before you take any medication at all, you must seek the advice of your doctor.

Only your doctor knows how any medication will affect your body. There you have it, I have given you fair warning. Okay, having said all of that, ibuprofen will reduce the inflammation in your shoulder and rotator cuff and greatly reduce your pain. I have used other medications for this type of pain, and ibuprofen seems to work the best for me. Again, check with your doctor, as he may be able to recommend the best medication for you.

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