Revealing Methods Of Processing Foods.

What is the aim of preserving food? Well to put it simply this is done to maintain the flavor and original texture of the food when being stored. It’s clear that people tend to store foods as long as possible.

To my great regret preservation often results in the biological destruction of foods. By the way perhaps you wonder why milk sold with an expired date has such a terrible odor. It’s because of numerous micro-organisms residing in milk. If you come across this milk, you should aim it into the nearest litter bin without delay. In fact I’d like to describe other ways of food preservation. You should know this from my point of view.

For example people can remove water in foods for the sake of further preservation. The essence of this method is that microbes also can’t do without water as any other living beings. So bugs can’t survive in foods without water and they won’t give birth to other bugs. As the result your food will be fresh for a long time. To do this people expose foods to the sunlight and air. For example I can mention apricots, prunes and raisins. By the way the similar effect can be achieved by smoking and heating. Of course you know smoked trout, ham and salmon.

People can also control the amounts of the air in foods to preserve them. I have already told above that microbes can’t live without water. But I should also add that they also can’t do without air. So to reduce the number of bacteria you should exclude air of foods. Perhaps I should also mention so called vacuum packaging in this case. It’s considered to be an effective way to exclude air from foods. Plastic bags and glass jars are also used for this purpose.

It’s also possible to preserve foods with the help of chemicals. I should inform you that people have invented about twenty five chemicals which serve as food preservatives. They protect foods against spoiling. Perhaps you’ve heard about so called Mold Inhibitors. They can stop growth of mold in various bakery products. I can mention such substances as calcium propionate, sodium benzoate and certainly sodium propionate. They are used in cheese as well as in many dairy spreads for the purpose of stopping mould growth. Since ancient times salt is widely used for this purpose. People salted beef and left it for some days. The salt absorbed all the water while killing bacteria in the meat. As you can see ancient people were rather clever. Of course you know corned beef used by the military and sailors. Besides this citric acid, wine and vinegar are often used for this purpose. I hope you are satisfied with this review.

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