Restoration Of The Organizm After Trainings In The Gym

Our regenerative period requires the same careful planning, as well as training process. Anything superdifficult in it is not present, especially if to know key rules of strategy of restoration of the organizm after trainings in the fitness club.

Rule 1. Get enough sleep!
Axiomatic eight hours of an obligatory dream is very conditional figure. The time of a dream for good state of health is required to each of us. So, in this question, be guided exclusively by the specific features and requirements.

Rule 2. Observe!
Even if you strongly pronounced “owl”, try to fall asleep not later than 24 hours (at least, make it time of passive rest). At night most intensively there are regeneration processes. One sleepless night is capable to reject you far back from your sports purposes. If you hardly fall asleep, your dream is uneasy and faltering – try to define the reason of it and, whenever possible eliminate it. Do not forget about methods of auto-training and a psychoemotional relaxation.

Rule 3. Be restored!
Your purpose is growth of muscular weight. Then “heavy” trainings on the same group of muscles should be spent only under condition of their complete recovery, differently your training will pass in a mode of destructions of a muscular fabric.

Ability to be restored for each of us is individual. To someone is enough two-three days of rest, and someone will need weeks. The time for restoration also is required to different muscles. And each of us should define this time accurately for ourselves. An indicator of readiness of muscles to new work with weight – if at performance of the working approach you feel that could add one-two more repetition.
Rule 4. Accept!
In high-intensity trainings accept a complex of antioxidants eans.

Antioxidants (vitamins A, Е,) promote regeneration of fabrics and protect from hurting action of the free radicals which quantity sharply increases during the big physical activities.

Rule 5. Break!
It is proved that a cyclic mode of employment is the best preventive maintenance of stagnation in results of trainings. This mode will help you to support high level of internal motivation.

Break training process into cycles between which necessarily should be some days of rest from trainings. Time of the period of trainings depends on its intensity and varies from ones and a half about three months.

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Rule 6. Do not overtire!
If you overcoming yourself train in a condition of the general physical overfatigue thereby raise risk of reception of a trauma (both during training, and out of a hall) as the muscles not restored for new work shift a part of the work on sheaves and joints.
How in time to define that you live on a limit of vital possibilities?
Occurrence of following signs should become for you at least an occasion to decrease in intensity of trainings, and as a maximum to break introduction on a week-other in your training process.

• you should to force go yourself on training
• after the sufficient period of a dream you feel slackness and weakness in the morning,
• the muscular pain lasts longer the usual
•пthere are pains in joints
•you even after intense day began to fall asleep hardly
•your appetite gets out of hand. You or start to eat too much (and, leaning on the products forbidden by your diet), or, on the contrary, it is not enough, hardly forcing yourself something to swallow.
• concentration of attention falls, there was an irritability and aggression in behaviour
•you became too susceptible to fluctuations of atmospheric pressure, react to weather changes

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