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Resistance Body Bands For A Total Mind Body Workout!

No matter what your fitness objective, Body Bands by Bodylastics premium exercise resistance bands can meet your need. If you are like most people, you just want to get in shape or stay in shape with a quick and easy program. No overpriced membership or machine, just a safe and effective way to meet your goals.

Most fitness programs try to sell you on the idea “quick fix” to loose weight or bulk up. What about a program for the rest of us…you know, the people with busy careers or even busier soccer moms? In reality, it should be all about lifestyle and simplicity.

Body Bands by Bodylastics are the answer!

Let the gym go where you are. Body Bands are a compact total body training system. During your week, just mix Body Bands in with some simply body weight exercises, light yoga stretching and low stress cardio for a well balanced fitness lifestyle. The more you can keep it simple, the more likely you will make the lifestyle change.

Streamline your fitness routine with resistance strength training. Make fitness simple again and Break out of the box. Subscribe to our FREE newsletter and “Make it happen!”

Order your Body Bands by Bodylastics today.

Fitness for Less. Less equipment, Less time and Less Money!

Workout anywhere, office, school, beach, park at anytime.

A Complete Home Gym in a Bag! A BowFlex to Go…

Great for kids, adults, seniors and any fitness level from beginner to bodybuilder.

Simple, Efficient, and Effective:

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