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Researches Concerning The Diets

For years the American scientists tried to answer a question why diets appear inefficient. Long time experts wrote off much on genetic predisposition to this or that weight. It was considered that the weight is put initially, thus, struggle against weight was equated to struggle against the nature.
Now we refuse the given point of view but the created myth about a genetic power of excess weight still is popular till now. In this myth till now duplicated by such known organizations as the German society of a food (DGE) and the American medical society (AMA) many scientists see real threat. For example, scientist Walter Villet from the Harward School of public health (Boston) considers that such extended myths have led to fatty epidemic which has fallen upon the western countries.
The enemy of weight carbohydrates.

Last researches in the field of dietology show that the people reducing consumption of carbohydrates and consuming meat, eggs, dairy products and also not limiting portions till the microscopic sizes dump more than those who sits on programs of struggle against excess weight with the low maintenance of fats. The scientists from the Medical Center have come to such conclusions.
Researches have shown that weight lost is better in those control groups where participants of experiment adhered described above to a power supply circuit. On the average on 500 calories it is more, thus the general condition was more active than in the groups consuming fats.
Even refusal of oil for a breakfast propagandized by dieticians many long years has appeared unreasonable. In opinion of Walter Viletta and the proteins and fats give necessary sense of fullness for a long time, thereby help to facilitate growing thin process essentially.

However in dietology a number of postulates remained invariable: the main danger to interested persons to grow thin represent such products as a various batch, fruitcakes, donuts, a pizza, sauces and Coca-Cola. Such food leads to that at their use practically at once sugar which gives short inflow of energy gets to blood which activity recession invariably follows.

In the beginning pressure raises and then again falls. Constant jumps of level of sugar often serve in blood as the reason of development of a diabetes. Thus, as soon as sugar level in blood goes down, the signal about hunger at once is sent to a brain. It is no wonder that thus the person consumes more calories than it is necessary for him (her). Superfluous calories turn to fats which it will be difficult to leave as fatty cages are the last to what the organism is ready to say goodbye.

Many people wrongly believe that carbohydrates are only a white loaf and pasta. Actually they are contained also in vegetables and fruit as substance pectin. If the first have to be avoided and consumed as less as possible (don’t forget to include in this list the refined sugar) to the second list it is necessary to add cheese, nuts, fish, dairy products. Such diet will be useful to health and will help to dump weight.

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