Remember The Rules Of The Safe Fitness.

Visiting pools, sports halls, fitness club, many do not know, and do not believe that they can be victims of various parasites. Actually nobody is insured from it, especially if not to observe the elementary safety rules.

Treatment is also not the most pleasant employment, especially if the visible part of a body is amazed.

There is a huge set of various bacterias. By the way, their lump is more than weight of taken metaphytes all together on the Earth. You have already guessed that it is a question of locker rooms. Certainly, fungi do not grow from air, and are brought with dirty footwear or move from the infected people and wait for you, yes, yes, you! Footwear is too a good place for reproduction of bacteria, especially sweaty trainers in densely closed package.

Still microbes without ceremony can be on training apparatus which is not known when last time took place disinfection. And here, for example, in pool (in water) probability to pick up a fungus is very small, because water chlorinated and concentration of microbes turns out very small, and the organism all the same resists to harmful bacteria.

There are a lot of places of penetration of parasites in a human body. Basically infection occurs through a foot of feet. You have walked on microbes and they already standing, then in socks and boots.

If to undertake in hands the infected subject it is possible to bring imperceptibly for yourself microbes anywhere, for example, in a head. And it is possible to wash up hands and to “pick up” nothing. Certainly, microbes happen still different aggression. One you will infect very quickly (itch), and another should try still to occupy a part of your body.
Safety rules.

1. Always dress personal slates in shower, pool, sauna and other places.

2. Never dress another’s slates in the places set forth above.

3. Feet and hands necessarily carefully wash away with antibacterial soap.

4. Pay attention to a condition of your feet more often.

5. Do not leave trainers/slates be in the closed place, erase them more often.

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6. Use antibacterial insoles which are on sale in drugstores.

7. In an exercise room adjust under itself a towel, if you without a vest; use gloves which will save you from callosities and microbes; do not forget to erase a glove.

8. Socks need to be dressed every day fresh and it is desirable natural.

9. At fungus occurrence, do not self-medicate, at once address to the doctor.

If you carry out the listed rules, the probability will pick up a fungus is equal to zero and you will go in for sports, instead of visiting dermatologists and drugstores.

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