Rehabilitation With The Help Of Fitness

The most part of the people conducting a passive way of life, in due course come to the unique correct decision – necessity of employment by physical culture.

As the reason of it often serve: deterioration of the general state of health, a dissatisfaction with own appearance, an excess weight set. One of the most frequent problems accompanying passive physically way of life are the various diseases of a backbone connected with easing of a muscular corset of a back. Such clients of the fitness centres not always understand that disposable arrivals to physicians-experts and short-term trainings in the fitness centres do not solve cardinally already available problems with health. It will be unique correct in this situation the complex approach to the given problem based first of all on medical examination and disease diagnostics, medicamentous and (if necessary) courses of medical massage, physiotherapy exercises and as a logic consequence, regular trainings in directions ofthe general physical preparation.

First of all, the initial impellent mode of clients is unorganized. First two months are the most dangerous to reception of new traumas or a sharp aggravation of already available chronic diseases. And introduction of a passive impellent mode of trainings, the optimum client for the momentary condition focused on stage-by-stage increase of physical activities in static and dynamic modes should be a paramount problem of such organisation.

Training diagnostics of impellent possibilities of the person, its studying is necessary for these purposes of “habitual poses” in a standing position, sitting, lying, revealing of restrictions in a stretching of part of a back, presence of the general flexibility and mobility in joints and a backbone. It is necessary to pay attention to various displays of neurotic conditions which to some extent seize the person having the chronic painful centres. Therefore impellent activity for this category of clients should be reduced to certain programs for which in the fitness centre actions for rehabilitation, improvement and formation of psychological requirement for necessity of the subsequent regular active way of life are specially organised.

Preventive maintenance of diseases of peripheral nervous system at various physical activity should be high on the list. In exercise rooms elementary general warm-up, not to mention special warm-up more often is ignored. For this reason performance of difficult base exercises in power directions of fitness, excessive muscular pressure and the big workers of weight of burdenings lead often to traumas or provoke an aggravation of already available problems. The muscular corset of a back is not prepared by special exercises, does not cope more often with the set volume of power exercises on training that in the subsequent forms at the client a proof uncooperative altitude to physical activity in general.

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