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Reduce Weight By Losing Belly Fat

Extra weight and belly fat make a very awkward sight! Stored belly fat has been always associated with serious health problems for both men and women and this is quite important to know how to lose belly fat fast. Research studies indicate that achieving additional 5 – 10 pounds around the midsection increases the risk of heart disease, some cancers and diabetes. Here are some ways to lose belly fat.

Reduce stress and get enough sleep

While this may sound ridiculous it has been scientifically proven that insufficient sleep can cause weight gain. Sleep deprivation decreases the number of hormone called leptin. Leptin can lead to increased appetite of a person.

Inadequate sleep also increases stress levels, which increases the number of stress hormone called cortisol that decreases the body’s metabolism and causes weight gain especially in the belly. Therefore managing your sleep and stress, you can lose belly fat fast.

Importance of proper diet and nutrition

Having a proper diet will definitely help to lose belly fat fast. Junk food and sugary foods just add to your weight as they contain only extra calories, and in most cases extra weight goes directly to the abdomen. The elimination of fast food can reduce the amount of trans-fat consumption and this lessens the overall weight. Trans-fats are artificial fats that are bad for your health. They are usually found in fast foods. Trans-fat can be also found in cooking oil.

The increased intake of foods rich in fiber increases the ability of the body’s metabolism to burn more food before calories are absorbed. This reduces the swelling and you may lose few pounds just by eliminating waste!

Drink plenty of plane water. Water can help to eliminate wastes from the body and contribute to the overall weight loss. Fruits and vegetables like oranges, grapes and potatoes are also good for burning fat and thus help to lose excess weight.

Lose belly fat fast through exercise

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A good exercise regime plays a vital role in getting rid of excess fat in the belly and thus in the whole body. Perform such exercises as aerobics, sit-ups and crunches. They help to increase heart rate and burn fat in and around the belly. Just 20 crunches or sit-ups a day can significantly reduce the amount of fat around your belly. This improves your overall health and improves the way you look.

The exercises give people energy, thus they are very helpful if you need to burn fat and reduce the risks associated with serious health problems. The ideal combination of better sleep, water intake, consumption of healthy well-balanced foods and intensive exercises is the best thing you can do to lose stubborn belly fat and thus your overall weight!

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