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Real Weight Loss – This Is How I Lost 25 Pounds

I know that many of you think that losing of 25 pounds is not real. Well, for me it was. I was always thin, approximately up to the time of 2 years ago. All happened suddenly, I looked at me in a mirror and thought “I look awful. How have I presumed to become so fat?” I felt awful.

Yes, I have noticed that my clothes became harder and harder. I assume that I just didn’t want to accept the fact that I should grow thin. I felt inconvenient, tired and lazy.

I have decided that I wanted to return to my “wedding date” weight which was 116 pounds! I sat down and started to think of all things, which I should change to reach my desirable weight. The most important thing for me was to look good personally for me, for my husband and my children.

I did not only have the intention to look good, but also I desired to eat healthy food, and to remain healthy at the same time. So, the first important point in which I ceased to be engaged is to stop going to fast food places. I know that the nutrition type isn’t good for my body or my wallet! I also have stopped to buy snack in food shop.

The unique snack which I ate would be some type of crude vegetables, or sometimes fried corn without oil! I have started to drink a lot of water. I have tried to drink gallon in a day, but I spent the considerable quantity of time on the way to the bathroom!
So, I reduced down to 1/2 of gallon in a day. I placed lemon juice or lime juice in my water.

I never drank water before. I tried dietary Coca-Cola drinking. But nothing else! It is the other thing which I have stopped to buy. I have started to eat more vegetables, and more meat, poultry and fish. I ate 5-6 portions on a day, but I took smaller parts, and I used smaller plates. I also ate much more slowly, thus I started to feel full faster.

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I was in the habit to eat quickly and I didn’t feel inconvenient and overloaded. I basically switched off the bread, sugar and white flour. I have stopped eating noodles and sauces. The firmest thing for me was to stop alimentary strips of sugar candy and chocolate production. I only love chocolate brownies!

I have started to walk more. Now, when I go to a warehouse, I am parked far away. My children say to me that we, probably, just go from the house! I didn’t join any gyms or carried out programs. Well, I have lost my 25 pounds, and I feel great! I look and I feel better in my present body. My husband says me that I look well, and my children say “not badly for mum”!

Be proud of yourself and don’t throw!

If you need some help to lose weight fast – then you must first of all realize that weight loss is not a dream. You do can lose weight fast, this is realistic, provided you know the secrets of weight loss industry and its propositions.

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